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I quickly filled out the profile, and the offers began to appear. The whole process was well-designed, the acceptance of offers was also clear and simple. Actually each accepted offer ended up with a conversation with a given company.
Błażej - Cyber Security Analyst
Thanks to inhire, I finally found a job that suited me perfectly. The whole process took less time than anywhere else. Only a few days passed from the moment I accepted the job match to the phone call with the offer.
Franek - Java Software Developer
Two weeks after creating an account at inhire I had an interview and a week after I signed the contract. I became System & Network Administrator in Codilime’s office in Warsaw, but I am about to join their DevOps team. I also moved from Toruń to Warsaw.
Paweł - System & Network Administrator
I decided to give inhire a try despite not actively looking for a job. I created a profile and within a week I got a couple of offers, most of which were well-fitted for my profile. One of them - from - particularly caught my attention, so I decided to apply. I went through the recruitment process and I was hired.
Szymon - Senior Java Developer

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