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A Day in The Life of Senior Frontend Engineer at Northmill Bank

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You will have a great opportunity to learn more about Northmill team and their daily work. Today we are talking with Senior Frontend Engineer, Sebastian Cyrych. Sebastian has almost 10 years of experience in creating the software. He has worked in big international product companies, since 2020 he is one of Northmillians. He’s current point of interest is Frontend and Machine Learning technologies.

Welcome Sebastian! Could you tell us about what your role involves?

As a Senior Frontend Engineer mostly I’m responsible for our apps architecture. In terms of what technologies we are going to use and how we can enable our developers to deliver faster and pixel perfect views. I’m involved in all stages of software development life cycles from features refinement to CI/CD.

I’m doing a code review sessions with devs to assure that code quality matches best practices. Other than that I code a lot 🙂 We’ve just completed migrating our native apps to React Native which was quite a challenging but also giving  many opportunities to learn.

What is your typical working day like?

My typical day starts with reading Slack messages, calendar and checking Jira board. With Jira board I’m checking overall progress and plan my day based on that. Next we have daily meeting with the team. After daily I need to figure out if someone needs my help based on the input from the daily or I can focus on my tasks.

What do you like best about your job?

That I can express myself and be creative. We are creating state of the art products for our clients using cutting edge technologies. What else do you want from developer perspective? 🙂 What I like at Northmill is group of smart people around; to inspire or be inspired by them.

What advice would you give someone considering working at the Frontend (React, React Native) tract?

Learn how React works behind the scenes and how you can use advanced techniques like hooks to separate shared logic from presentational components or useMemo, useCallback to optimize performance. Be curious and don’t give up easily!

What do you think the work of Frontend / React Native Engineer will look like in 10 years?

Frontend technologies are growing fast so its hard to say in what state React Native would be. From my observation I see that React Native is growing strong and it will be better and stable with each version. Community who support this technology is big and very dedicated.

Of course React Native has competitors like Flutter which still suffers from its early stage of development and community is not that great yet. But who knows maybe in the future our next big project will be written using Flutter? This is just a tool and we are picking the right tool for our job. Time will tell.