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Best HR Tools to Improve Your Processes

Recruitment and HR in Tech

HR processes are more complex and challenging than you could expect. Luckily, there is already a range of professional software products tailored to the needs of various HR areas. Here are our recommendations for the best HR tools that will help you to optimize and increase your processes’ efficiency. Moreover, most of the HR tools mentioned in this article are available for a two-week free trial.

Complex tools for HR management

Hiring software is typically equipped with a set of HR tools helpful at all stages of the recruitment process, from sourcing to onboarding. Using it accelerates HR processes and reduces costs. A wide range of available products offers various features that you can check out, depending on your needs.


Award-winning HR tool for text-based recruiting applicable at any stage of the hiring process. The Applicant Tracking System enables smooth candidate flow and provides the candidates with the best experience. Meanwhile, HR professionals can benefit from powerful tools such as LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect.


Manatal AI Engine automates redundant tasks, suggests the best candidates for a specified position, and provides data enrichment by browsing social media sites. This user-friendly hiring software is accessible from any device and makes the recruitment process smooth thanks to the use of the latest technologies.


Launched in 2012, Workable is a complete HR tool set that enables mobile recruitment and smooth onboarding. Since the cost of the software depends on the number of job postings, it may be the most affordable option for small and mid-size businesses. However, the offered tools are scalable and work well with any size of the company.


An applicant tracking system with powerful HR tools, including analytics, job posting, candidate management, and more features useful at all stages of the process. The software also provides CV parsing, a variety of templates and intelligent functions, and evaluation tools. It’s an award-winning product used by over 1,500 employers. 

Analytical tools for HR

HR analytics software that enables companies to use employee data to improve decision-making. Although working with data is often done with popular tools such as Excel, Python, or Power BI, devices designed for HR are much more accurately tailored to the needs of the industry. They can tackle specific HR issues such as employee engagement, turnover, and productivity.


Crunchr is a popular HR analytical tool that consolidates data from recruitment systems, HR core systems, engagement providers, and other sources. It enables users to make better HR decisions thanks to data-driven insights. With Crunchr and its Workforce Planning Tool, you can create customizable dashboards and build effective hiring strategies.


Qualtrics People Analytics allows for smooth processing and managing HR data. Thanks to AI-powered HR analytics tools and advanced statistical analysis, it provides users with a clear overview of workforce-related figures. Moreover, the tool software makes it easy to conduct HR surveys to measure and improve employee satisfaction.

By the way, HR analytics tools are also included in many complex HR management tools, including ClearCompany or Manatal.

Onboarding tools

Entering a company is challenging for both employees and employers. Thanks to tools for HR, this tough transition can happen smoothly, making the onboarding process much more efficient.


Rippling is a complete toolset for tracking and recruiting but also for HR, IT, and financial analytics. Its onboarding automation solutions are surely outstanding. Rippling automatically sends both emails and notifications to new employees and creates reminders for HR specialists. Apart from that, it provides several additional features that make the whole process more efficient and faster.


This set of tools offers advanced features to create efficient onboarding processes. E-signatures feature allows for the efficient completion of documents. Application tracking, on the other hand, makes the onboarding process clear and simple. BambooHR also provides tools for collecting, storing, and analyzing data.

Educational training software

The hiring process ends with the training of a new employee. With the increasing popularity of e-learning, there are multiple options for educational training available worldwide.


TalentLMS allows you to create online courses with the help of well-designed templates. An intuitive and highly interactive interface, games, and quizzes make learning easy and attractive. On top of that, this HR tool is available in over 30 languages.


Teachfloor’s approach to learning is highly community-centric. This method embraces the community for effective exchange of ideas and active understanding. Since people are social learners, it is proven to be highly effective in motivating employees and accelerating the process. This HR tool integrates with Zoom, peer review, and a discussion wall.

Which tool should you choose?

There are lots of tools for HR available on the market. However, choosing the right product for your company might be challenging. To make the right choice, you need to analyze your needs and budget. And then, search for the best option. Luckily, a lot of HR tools offer a free trial. So, you can check out their functionalities before you start investing in them.

Selecting the right HR tools is important in improving your recruiting processes, but there’re a few other things you can do. Check them out here: How to improve your recruiting process?

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