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Frontend Developer Salary – How Much Can You Earn in Poland?

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Suppose you open a new tab in your browser, type a URL, and then press “Enter.” The website loads in the blink of an eye, and you’re taken aback with all the visuals and how nicely everything is structured. It wouldn’t be like this if Frontend Developers didn’t do their job. So, who are they exactly? What do they do, and what is Frontend Developer salary in Poland? 

Keep reading to get the answers and learn more about the salaries you can expect as a Frontend Developer, depending on your work experience, form of employment, and place of work!

Who are Frontend Developers and what do they do?

Searching for a movie to watch or navigating between blog posts must be effortless and smooth. What if the button you click doesn’t work or the site’s layout isn’t responsive? Well, that leads to frustration and even abandoning the whole process. Obviously, nobody wants that to happen, and this is when Frontend Developers come to the rescue.

They are responsible for building the website’s front side and making sure that all users can easily interact with the page. To code the website’s appearance well, they must have a solid knowledge of the core elements of front-end development, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 

Moreover, they need to know how to work closely with web designers to translate their designs into functional websites and apps. And that means they won’t go far if they don’t have good communication and problem-solving skills.

Unlike Backend Developers, who focus on behind-the-scenes matters like data storage and security, Frontend Developers take care of things like the site’s layout, navigation, images, buttons, and internal links, to mention but a few.

In other words, they turn designs into reality via code. So, whenever you visit a website or an application, all the design elements you can see and interact with are brought to life by Frontend Developers.

Do Frontend Developers get hired?

If you’ve been wondering whether Frontend Developers might have problems landing a job, there’s no need to worry! Frontend Developer roles are in high demand as it’s not only the tech industry but also industries like finance, insurance, and manufacturing that require specialists in this area. 

Frontend Developer was among 2022’s most wanted roles in Poland, holding second place in the ranking, right between Backend Developers and DevOps Engineers. When it comes to the number of job ads for front-end specialists, as many as 2500 appeared each month from May to September.

top 3 roles of 2022 graph

That looks outstanding, doesn’t it? Of course. However, there’s one more thing worth mentioning. While Frontend Developers are undoubtedly the rock stars of website and app development, they must have solid skills and knowledge to find a well-paid job easily. 

In case you’ve been looking for a job, don’t hesitate to check out the latest job ads for Frontend Developers on our website! 

What is the average salary of Frontend Developers in Poland?

Finally, the moment has come to talk about numbers! After all, salary is one of the most important elements to consider when deciding between jobs. 

In order to answer the question about the average salary of Frontend Developers well, we’ll rely on the data from our latest report: Tech Market Snapshot 2022 and our Salary Calculator. However, the data taken from our report includes only those Frontend Developers working with JavaScript. So, the numbers below don’t apply to those using other programming languages, for example, TypeScript. Since the situation in the job market is continuously changing, we’ll also have a look at the salaries offered at the beginning of 2023. While analyzing the earnings, we’ll take into account factors like experience, type of contract, and location.

Before we move on to the details, we need to clarify one thing, though – a particular salary given below reflects both the gross income amount that Frontend Developers get when working on a B2B contract and the net income amount in the case of an employment contract, unless stated otherwise.

Junior Frontend Developer salary

Let’s take a look at the largest Polish cities and see how much junior developers could earn there in 2022.

junior frontend developer salary graph
  • In Warsaw and Wrocław, junior developers could get an average of USD 2200.
  • In Cracow, it was USD 1800.
  • In Poznań and Trincity, it was USD 2100.

When we analyze the latest job ads that appeared at the beginning of 2023, Junior Frontend Developers can expect:

  • USD 1600 gross with an employment contract and USD 1900 net with B2B in Warsaw.
  • USD 1400 gross with an employment contract/USD 1500 net with a B2B contract in Cracow.
  • USD 1500 gross in the case of an employment contract/USD 1600 net with B2B cooperation in Wrocław.
  • USD 1600 net with a B2B contract in Poznań.

Mid Frontend Developer salary

In 2022, those with more experience could expect considerably higher salaries. Mid Frontend Developers could get almost twice as much as what was offered to Junior Frontend Developers. Here’s what the numbers say:

mid frontend developer salary graph
  • In Warsaw and Trincity, it was an average of USD 4300.
  • In Cracow, Wrocław, and Poznań, it was around USD 4100.

As for 2023, it started with job ads offering around:

  • USD 3200 gross in the case of an employment contract/USD 3900 net on B2B in Warsaw.
  • USD 3100 gross with an employment contract/USD 3700 net with B2B cooperation in Cracow and Wrocław.
  • USD 3100 gross with a contract of employment/USD 3500 net on B2B in Poznań.

It’s worth noting that the number of current job postings for Mid Frontend Developers is significantly higher than in the case of job ads aimed at junior developers. Some of the largest Polish cities have more or less 100 job posts for Mid Frontend Developers and only around 10 for junior specialists.

Senior Frontend Developer salary

Now, let’s see how much the most experienced group of Frontend Developers could earn in 2022.

senior frontend developer salary graph
  • In Warsaw, Cracow, and Tricity, Senior Frontend Developers could get an average salary of USD 6200.
  • In Wrocław and Poznań, it was USD 5800.

The latest job ads in 2023 offer:

  • USD 4800 gross with a contract of employment/USD 5000 net on B2B in Warsaw and Cracow.
  • USD 4500 gross in the case of an employment contract/USD 4900 net with a B2B contract in Wrocław.
  • USD 4300 gross with an employment contract/USD 4900 net with a B2B contract in Poznań.

Regarding the number of job ads for Senior Frontend Developers, there are around 100 of them in major Polish cities and almost 200 in Warsaw.

A percentage change in salaries in Q4 2022 vs. Q4 2021

When we compare the final quarter of 2022 to the last quarter of 2021, the average salary of a Frontend Developer increased by 10,2%. At the end of 2021, specialists working in front-end development could earn around USD 4745; in Q4 2022, that amount jumped to USD 5229.

What does the future hold for Frontend Developers?

In fact, the future looks bright. As Internet usage shows no signs of slowing, especially in the mobile field, there will be a higher need for developers specializing in front-end development. According to the data presented in this article, Frontend Developers with more experience under their belt will find it easier to land a well-paid job. And that’s because the demand for mid and senior developers is still undeniably higher than for those at junior positions.

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