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How to Write the Perfect Job Advertisement to Attract Top Tech Talent?

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Steve Jobs claims that great things in business are never done by one person, but by a team of people. Building such a team is essential to succeed, and hiring the best talents is the first step on the way. So, check out our best tips on how to write a great job advertisement to attract top developers.

Why are job advertisements so important?

In most cases, a job offer is the first contact point between the company and the potential employee. It means that you can improve your employer branding with a well-worded advertisement.

Setting clear requirements can successfully attract the right candidates with specific qualifications and certificates, which will result in higher efficiency of the recruitment process. It’s specifically important in the competitive IT industry, where vacancies hunt for candidates – not the opposite.

What do candidates want to see in a job advertisement?

According to the LinkedIn heatmap study, the most crucial information about the job is compensation (chosen by 61% of respondents). The second and third top important data were qualifications and details. The least interesting parts of job advertisements were general information about the company, its mission, and its culture. Don’t be reluctant to include a paragraph about it, though. Just don’t make it the main point of the hiring advertisement.

Now, let’s check out other information that should be included in a well-written job advertisement:

Job title 

The job title summarizes a seniority level and roles and responsibilities in the organization. It’s crucial to make it an accurate representation of the position to form an eye-catching first impression that will attract high-end candidates. If you’re searching for a candidate focused on a specific technology, don’t forget to mention it.

Example: Remote Mid SQL Developer


Salary ranges

Remember to set the salary grid clearly and openly. Including the salary ranges indicates that you’re transparent as an employer, and it’s one of the main reasons for choosing the positions to apply for many candidates. What’s more, this will help you save a lot of time and frustration on attempts to determine whether your and the candidate’s expected compensation align.


According to an AICPA survey, nearly 80% of Americans value a broad range of benefits even more than a pay raise. Remember to list all benefits that your company offers to employees.


Salary range and benefits:

  • 19.000-23.000 PLN (B2B),
  • private healthcare,
  • training budget,
  • sports card,
  • free coffee in the office.

Job description

An effective job description usually contains two elements: a role outline and responsibilities. Specific details on the role, like the list of tasks or performance goals, are greatly appreciated by candidates.



  • planning and designing the implementation of database processes for current and future clients,
  • analysis and design of databases,
  • ensuring that databases meet quality standards,
  • creating documentation,
  • participating in daily agile rituals.

Location and working hours

Clarity about location and working hours is an important factor when choosing a job. Don’t forget to mention that if you offer remote positions with flexible working hours.


Location: our headquarters at 17 Example Street (office-based)

Working hours: 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday

Tech stack and requirements 

Communicate the desire to hire a candidate that has certain skills or qualifications. Listing a developer’s stack is a great way to set clear requirements and receive a satisfying response.


Necessary tech stack: SQL, Flexcube, Oracle.


  • B2 or higher English level, 
  • min. four years of experience with SQL databases.

Call To Action

A Call To Action significantly attracts the viewer’s attention and increases the chance of getting a response. Remember to include it at the end of the employment advertisement.


Send your CV using this form or contact us at [email protected].

Tips on how to write a job advertisement

Following the tips listed above is already a good start to writing a great job advertisement, but much more can be done to make your hiring offer more catchy. Check out these tips on how to write a job posting.

Write search-friendly hiring advertisements

In general, the more people see your job posting, the more they will apply. SEO-optimizing your employment advertisement will definitely help you to deepen the talent pool. Thuse, consider how your potential candidates may search for adverts and adapt the keywords to these requirements.

Don’t get too casual

This LinkedIn study proved that casual job advertisements were significantly bad at attracting candidates. They are rated the lowest regarding the impression of tone, employer, and likelihood to apply. 

Keep your job advertisement short

According to LinkedIn behavioral data, job posts with 150 words or less got candidates to apply 17.8% more frequently than job posts with 450 to 600 words. Concise job postings are easier to navigate. So, the candidates can find much-needed info faster and decide if they want to apply. 

Post at the beginning of the week

Studies confirm that most applications occur on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, with just 15% coming in over the weekend. Kick off your work week with new job postings and see results in a blink of an eye!

Format it well

You can achieve a higher level of clarity by formatting your employment advertisement well. Make use of bullet points and create short paragraphs. Consider that many candidates browse job boards on smartphones or tablets. So, everything must be accessible and legible for mobile devices. 

Graphic design for the win

Depending on the position, you can make use of visuals and graphics to make your hiring advertisement more appealing. You can also consider using color coding and attractive typography to draw a potential candidate’s attention to your advert. The truth is that in the competitive IT industry all the ways to make your job posting stand out count.


When creating an employment advertisement, you must include a job title, description, location, working hours, compensation (benefits and salary range), and a tech stack for the described position. You can make it more attractive with graphic design and good formatting and increase recognition by using the right keywords. 

If you’re still unsure how to write a job advert, check out the vacancies posted on our website for real-life examples.

Keep in mind that offering a wide variety of benefits is crucial in attracting top tech talents as well. Check out our article on popular employee benefits and why they are essential!

If you’re currently looking for a reliable partner who will support you in your search for top-class software engineers – feel free to contact us. At inhire, we will provide you with the best candidates from European locations ready to get involved in your process.  :point_right: Let’s talk.