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In SuperControl scaling the team is about finding top-notch talent

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SuperControl is a Scottish company that has been in Poland since 2013. The company is recruiting IT specialists for brands that are part of InhabitIQ, a growing organization in the real estate rental industry. We asked Joan Ging, Head of Development at InhabitIQ, to tell us more about the company.

Please tell us about the company, who are you, what do you do?

InhabitIQ specializes in acquiring softwares in the Property Management market: this includes property management software, payments software, insurance software, background screening software, lease generation software, etc.

We are a young corporation, founded in 2016, and in that time we have acquired 37 brands. With a focus on rapid growth through connecting businesses with complementary needs, the corporation operates like an agile startup – we move at a fast pace, working typically with a number of small teams, to quickly iterate our products and take them to the next generation.

What is the software development process in your company?

InhabitIQ promotes agile development within all of its brands. This means that we are in a constant state of improvement, and that we focus on achieving large milestones by breaking them down into small, manageable, trackable pieces. Most brands within the Inhabit family are built around a 2-week sprint cycle, and follow a SCRUM process.

Why is it worth working with you?

Because InhabitIQ moves very quickly with a focus on automation, we embrace creative thinkers. Solving complex problems with creative ideas that may not have been tried before has propelled us very quickly to leadership in our market segment. If you appreciate working collaboratively with those around you, and you like having a seat at the table to share your ideas, this is the company for you!

What is your idea for scaling the team and the organization while retaining the greatest talents?

To me, scaling the team is about finding top-notch talent. Whether we hire junior staff or senior staff, if each person has a high-quality work ethic and a desire to do their best each day, it propels everyone forward.

We can do much more with less resources if everyone on the team is focused, motivated toward improvement, and willing to consider the feedback and the ideas of others in the group, we can grow rapidly as a business. If the business grows, that provides us with the resources to also scale the teams!

What competences and skills do you value the most?

  • Creative, critical thinking
  • Collaboration with peers and with leadership
  • Honesty/transparency – if you tell us early that there is a problem, we can help solve it!
  • A “Yes, I can do that!” attitude – all things are possible, it is just about finding the BEST way to do it!

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