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The world of technologies at Cornerstone

Job in Tech

We spoke with Robert Chwastek, Ph. D. who is an AVP at Cornerstone OnDemand responsible for Cornerstone’s office in Krakow as well as development of Software as a Service Recruitment System called TalentLink and Olena Mykytsey – Senior Talent Acquisition Partner at Cornerstone about the company from the inside.

What is the core business of your company and why is the technological part of it important?

Robert: The core business of Cornerstone is providing HR software systems in Software as a Service model. In the SaaS model, it is not only important to prepare and ship software but to prepare it in the way that it can continuously, without interruptions, serve our customers while being updated and upgraded according to the current technological state-of-the-art.

What kind of technologies are your teams working with on a daily basis?

R: Java, JavaEE (WildFly), SpringBoot, JavaScript, ReactJS, and Node.js as well as relational databases like Oracle and hybrid ones like PostgreSQL. We are also introducing new programming languages to our technology stack like Kotlin and TypeScript and modern deployment and containerization tools like Docker and Kubernetes.

Currently, we are building new .Net teams, who will be using C#, .Net Core, Web API, SQL, and ASP.Net. Our Cloud Operations and DevOps teams work with technologies like AWS, Linux, Ansible, Terraform, Jenkins, Kubernetes, and Python.

What does your tech team look like?

R: We are organized in small SCRUM teams who have responsibility over selected services that are part of the whole system.

Olena, tell us more about your recruitment process – how candidates can prepare for it?

OlenaOur recruitment process consists of a conversation with the Talent Acquisition Partner, a technical interview with the engineering team, and a final interview with the management team.

The technical interview covers the aspects mentioned in the candidate’s resume, as well as technologies described in the job description. Most of the teams check the theoretical and practical knowledge of the candidate. In the final part of the recruitment process, we want to get to know you better and find a culture fit to the company and the team.

At the moment the process is fully remote, however, we like to meet candidates in person, whenever possible.

What kind of soft and tech skills do you value the most in candidates?

R: The world is currently changing faster than ever. Therefore we value all the skills necessary to adapt to such fast changes or even lead some of them as this is the only way to be a leader in our area.

From a skills perspective, it is open-mindedness, ability, and will of continuous learning, empathy, acceptance of change and on the technical side – knowledge of your area of expertise as well as an understanding of security aspects of the software.

What is unique about your company and why is it worth joining you?

R: We are not a small company which might disappear shortly in the future but we are also not a huge one where it is difficult to influence your workplace. We offer a lot of growth opportunities, work in an international environment, a modern office (High5ive in Krakow), and a lot of local initiatives (you can see our last summer party in the photos attached).

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