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What Are Employee Benefits and Why Are They Important?

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Attracting the best talents requires much more than offering a satisfying salary. According to an AICPA survey, nearly 80% of Americans value a broad range of benefits even more than a pay raise. What can be offered to employees, and why does that work so well?

Why are employee benefits important?

Global Talent Trends report by LinkedIn shows that companies rated higher on benefits and compensation have 56% lower attrition. According to the same report, 48% of companies need to upgrade their offer in this field to improve employee satisfaction. Why are employee benefits so crucial?


Employee happiness and recognition are a source of the company’s growth and translate into growing productivity. Strong recognition culture motivates over 90% of employees to work harder and get more engaged. The lack of recognition, on the other hand, might be the reason for quitting for 19% of employees. 

Attracting talents

Highly skilled and experienced employees often expect the best remuneration and offer from their potential employer as well. The most qualified specialists tend to choose companies with a comprehensive employee benefits program and various growth opportunities. 

Good reputation

Today’s consumers are willing to choose a company that shares this mindset and values. Understanding the importance of the well-being of the employees and providing them with the right work-life balance is critical to maintaining an excellent reputation as an employer. Well-selected benefits such as additional days off and remote or hybrid work opportunities will significantly improve the employer’s image.

Types of employee benefits for IT

Best Perks & Benefits 2022 by Comparably shows a list of the top 100 U.S. companies rated by employee benefits. The first place was taken by Microsoft, with generous fitness and general health employee benefits. However, Adobe, Meta, and LinkedIn were also high in the ranking. Let’s go into the details of what they offer their workers. 

Health Benefits 

According to the 2022 Global Benefits Attitudes Survey, retirement, flexible work, and health benefits are the top 3 key benefits. Most Big Tech companies, including Intel, Amazon, Tesla, Adobe, Google, and Meta, offer standard insurance covering dental and vision services. 

Home Office

One of the most common examples of employee benefits among Big Tech companies is the remote working opportunity. The popularity of the home office grew enormously during the COVID-19 pandemic and will be highly appreciated in 2023. The advantages of working remotely include saving time and money on transportation, improved work-life balance, and working from anywhere.

Flexible Hours

Another popular employee benefits is the working model tailored to the employee, giving them more freedom in planning their daily routine. To attract qualified and skilled developers, it’s crucial to let them create their own schedule and the possibility to adjust it to the time of the day when they are most productive. 

Family-related Employee Benefits

Family-related benefits cover paid parental leave, childcare, bereavement leave, adoption assistance, and nursing rooms in the workplace. Such benefits improve not only the sense of belonging but also the feeling of being cared for by an employer on a social and non-work-related level. 

Education and Career Growth Opportunities

Providing employees with educational and growth opportunities is simply a win-win situation. The employee gets the chance to improve their skills and gain new skills and certifications. The employer, in return, receives a well-equipped and highly qualified employee.

Other Popular Perks

Other examples of employee benefits include fresh fruits, snacks, and meal delivery. Fitness cards that allow the employees to join any gym or sports club with little to no extra payment are also widely offered. Many office buildings provide a designated space to relax and recharge, filled with cozy sofas, table soccer, and PlayStations. 

Employee benefits for Polish software developers

According to what we’ve learnt at Inhire, the private healthcare system is the most important and desired benefit for Polish developers. Other include professional training, cars for personal use, and language courses.

Moreover, our observations and regular interviews with IT candidates prove that the widespread employee benefits like relaxation rooms and fresh fruit deliveries aren’t appealing at all.

The next advantage of the IT workplace is the ability to work on international projects. It creates great career development opportunities worldwide for developers and most IT professionals. Many tech specialists also value working in small teams, free coffee in the office, no dress code, free parking for bikes and cars, and a modern office building.

The Summary

As shown in this article, numerous reports and studies have proven the importance of employee benefits and how they lower attrition and attract qualified employees. If your company is looking for top talent, make sure to include a comprehensive employee benefits program tailored to your team’s needs.

Attracting top talents is one thing; keeping them engaged, on the other hand, can be much more difficult. So, if you’d like to know more about the ways of keeping your workers engaged, don’t miss our article on the best engagement strategies that actually work!

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