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When innovation and work-life balance go together: working with 4soft and Elliptic

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High seniority know-how, independence, and informal culture – this is 4soft’s approach, which got them to the Top 5 Blockchain Companies on Today, we showcase their collaboration with Elliptic, the world’s leader at crypto AML.

“Hey, we invite you to work in an international environment of a London startup from the comfort of your home! You will be working in the world’s hottest industry – blockchain, solving challenging technical problems.”

This introduction sounds good, doesn’t it? If you are an experienced dev, you’ve probably grown cautious of such promises. Marketing can far-stretch the truth.

But today, we wanted to tell you about the reasons that our 4soft devs themselves recommend working with Elliptic – a London-based leader in crypto AML services, a scaled startup with 60M $+ collected in funding so far.

To be clear: 4soft is a software development company specializing in blockchain, based in Poland. This article features our employees’ experiences working with one of our main clients, Elliptic, based in the UK. Without further ado, this is what Przemyslaw, Mateusz, and other devs say about the collaboration.

Focus on coding; the rest is taken care of

All arrangements and main deadlines are discussed and agreed upon between Elliptic’s product teams and tech leaders. This means that developers get to focus on their craft: coding. Also, you are not obligated to participate in general meetings. If you believe task execution will better spend your time, you are more than welcome to do so.

No legacy

Elliptic is a rapidly scaling startup. One perk is that the architecture, tech stacks, and best practices are all based on the latest know-how. Also, the company’s approach is straightforward: we go for future-proof solutions, not quick fixes. This way, the time spent on workarounds or fixing unscalable architecture is minimized.

4soft’s Blockchain Team

Feeling well matters

This one should be obvious, but too often, it’s not. However, Elliptic takes care of a healthy work environment. You are never left on your own with the problems – actually, you are asked to report how you feel, what your challenge is, and how your supervisor can help. Their company culture incorporates awarding self-initiative, caring for mental health, and separating work time from private time.

Enter the world of Blockchain, DeFi, Cryptos, and NFTs

As 4soft specializes in blockchain, and Elliptic’s services are based around cryptoassets, working with us is the perfect opportunity to enter this area, even if you have no experience. For instance, we are looking for Front-end and Node.js developers whom we’ll train in this branch. Workshops, hackathons, and pair programming are initiatives that assure knowledge exchange and quick experience gain.

Take ownership in the world’s leading business for crypto AML

Elliptic knows that their most significant assets are their employees and coworkers. That’s why your initiative is so encouraged. For instance, Przemyslaw, our Node.js Developer, had recommended blockchain as a Service (BaaS) providers to host nodes and indexers. This way, he became responsible for both problem-solving and success in this area.

Why work with 4soft?

4soft is one of Elliptic’s main technology partners. We are blockchain experts, recognized as the Top 4 company in Blockchain development worldwide on Clutch. But we are not just about work. Once you join us, you become a part of a 70-people team that regularly meets up for bike trips, parties, or… motorcycle renovation! 

Just like one of our employees had put it:

We have a great vibe in 4soft. Bartek, the CEO, doesn’t hide in a fortress behind a thick wall of procedures and rough manager-guardians. We can speak with him freely and easily get to the point. The effect is always a win-win situation. That positive energy flows within the whole crew, quick in helping, handling stuff, or arranging beer after hours. As for the salary – 4soft seems to me highly market-sensitive and offers good rates.” – Kuba, Front-end Developer.


We’d say that working with 4soft for Elliptic means having the best of both worlds – a homie atmosphere and participation in a global, innovative project. 

Let’s admit it: for many developers, switching to a fully remote, English-spoken job is one of the goals. If you belong to these ambitious people, but would still like the support and connection from a Polish company with an informal culture and lots of perks, get in touch with 4soft!

Author: Iza Karolczyk – HR manager at 4soft

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