How is inhire diffrent?
We truly believe that tech candidates shouldn't waste their time talking to intermediaries or manually going through job boards. Our no. 1 goal is to deliver perfect job offers from the best tech companies. You decide if you want to accept them or not.
I'm not actively looking, what now?
No problem. We understand that you are happy where you are right now. However, why not stay up to date with what might be waiting around the corner? Occasionally, we'll send you job offers that are tailored to your experience, skillset and salary expectations.
Who will see my data?
Only the companies you have applied to. We never show your data to anyone else. You are in full control.
How does matching work?
Job offers that you receive are picked automatically by our algorithm. They match your skills, location, years of experience and salary expectations. You just have to decide if and when you want to apply.
When will I see job offers?
After signing up, you'll get tailored offers in a matter of seconds. Please remember that we analyze candidates who sign up and we reserve the right only to accept the best of them.
What kind of candidates do you accept?
We work with candidates who have IT experience confirmed by the industry or/and academia. If you didn't graduate from a tech university or don't have proven hands-on experience we might not whitelist your profile.