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#1 job matching platform in Poland

Testimonials from our clients

As a company that actively uses various recruitment platforms, we have had the opportunity to work with and are happy to share our impressions of the results of this collaboration. is a really great job board that stands out from the competition. The platform is clear and intuitive, which makes the recruitment process much easier. It also has the ability to integrate with ATS systems, which speeds up our daily work. Both we and our candidates appreciate its simplicity and functionality. To date, we have successfully completed recruitment for the position of Office Manager through it. We rate the quality of candidates from this platform, compared to other job boards, very well. I will frankly admit that the moment we started working with was the time when we began to lose hope for quality candidates in the process. Meanwhile, here it went smoothly and efficiently, and the support of the team was top-notch. We recommend this platform to anyone looking for a friendly recruitment solution. We believe that will be an excellent support for any company looking for talent in non-IT industries as well.
Karolina Górska Senior HR Coordinator enables us to effectively search for candidates beyond our databases, and the Employer Profile on this platform contributed to 24% of all our hires in 2023.
Diana Wołek Coordinator of Recruitment Communication and Marketing increased our visibility in the job market. Thanks to the platform, we could easily and effectively promote our jobs. This allowed us to reach more potential employees who may not have noticed us before.

Inhire also provided information on recruitment trends and candidate preferences, allowing us to adapt our job ads to market expectations.
Aleksandra Tomaszewska Talent Acquisition Partner
We’ve recently used the services of inhire to hire a Frontend Engineer, and we couldn't be happier with the results. Inhire provided us with dozens of qualified CVs within a very short period, and their team's communication and responsiveness were exceptional throughout the entire process.

Within a month, we successfully recruited a perfectly matched individual for the position. We highly recommend inhire to any company in need of recruiting services, and we look forward to working with them again in the future.
Justyna Grzywaczyk Head of People & Culture
Before inhire, we tested many sourcing tools, job boards, and extensions. Only inhire delivered the desired results thanks to its innovative approach.
We were impressed by the user-friendly interface, which made it easy for our recruiters to post and monitor job matches. Overall, Inhire delivered the desired results and we highly recommend it to other recruiting teams.
Hokuma Guluzade L&D Specialist & Recruiter
Choosing to work with inhire, my goal was to recruit experts from the tech sector. Inhire is a platform that yields measurable results. It matches us with candidates, who respond to our job posts, and the candidates are automatically matched with a particular vacancy. Recently, we have decided to raise the number of published job posts in order to attract specialists and candidates who start their career in the tech sector. The results speak for themselves – the number of application has surged, in my opinion positively affecting our brand’s recognition.
Iga Przybylska Recruitment and employer branding specialist
A dozen or so employees a year, a constantly developing user-friendly platform, cooperation focused on looking for solutions, great responsiveness, and very nice contact with Maciek and Ewa allow me to recommend you testing inhire with no doubt.
Martyna Róg Recruitment Manager
According to the entire recruitment team at Tietoevry, we evaluate the cooperation with inhire transparently (...) With inhire’s support, we have mainly recruited developer positions so far. A complete new role in our company is SOC Analyst, and inhire has provided us with a very large number of matched candidates for this position.
Karolina Wolf Senior HR Specialist
Thanks to the cooperation with inhire, we were able to reach a wide, new group of candidates and we have a clear view of the list of candidates in the process. I really appreciate the effort of the inhire team, which monitors our priorities and the status of candidates on an ongoing basis, and effectively supports our processes.
Dorota Kowalik Head of Talent Acquisition
Inhire reacts very quickly to our needs and can provide candidate profiles with the required competencies in a short time. (...) inhire understands our needs well and is proactive in the whole recruitment process.
Honoriusz Bergandy Software Department Manager
We look for the best people who are not only exceptional engineers/data scientists, but also have a strong drive to work in business-heavy environment. Thanks to Inhire we found some great candidates and future BCGers!
Paulina Skrzypek Senior Recruiting Coordinator at BCG GAMMA
The first of the inhire candidates is joining us shortly. Inhire allowed us reach to IT security specialists from outside our network while providing positively motivated candidates.
Krzysztof Swaczyński Vice President of Seqred
Inhire makes recruitment faster and simpler for us. We are impressed by the number of candidates, their responsiveness, communication and the whole automation that the platform brings to us so we avoid tedious tasks and focus only on doing interviews with promising candidates.
Adam Kawa CEO and Co-founder at GetInData | Part of Xebia
As a software house, we always search for promising developers. Inhire simply helps us to find candidates that meet our requirements, so we can continue the processes much faster with the best of them.
Adam Przymusiała CEO at BinarApps

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