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Inhire is an automated sourcing service for recruiting experienced tech talents

We deliver your job ads directly to the candidates you are looking for. All you have to do is describe your ideal candidate profile once.

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Set up and manage your company’s profile to boost your brand among tech professionals.

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Reach hundreds of matching candidates without tedious manual tasks.

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Get a shortlist of perfectly matched candidates and focus on the best ones.

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on average, 700 matched candidates will immediately receive your job ad by e-mail


70% of applicants enter the recruitment processes
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Choosing to work with inhire, my goal was to recruit experts from the tech sector. Inhire is a platform that yields measurable results. It matches us with candidates, who respond to our job posts, and the candidates are automatically matched with a particular vacancy. Recently, we have decided to raise the number of published job posts in order to attract specialists and candidates who start their career in the tech sector. The results speak for themselves – the number of application has surged, in my opinion positively affecting our brand’s recognition.
Iga Przybylska - Recruitment and employer branding specialist
A dozen or so employees a year, a constantly developing user-friendly platform, cooperation focused on looking for solutions, great responsiveness, and very nice contact with Maciek and Ewa allow me to recommend you testing inhire with no doubt.
Martyna Róg - Recruitment Manager
According to the entire recruitment team at Tietoevry, we evaluate the cooperation with inhire transparently (...) With inhire’s support, we have mainly recruited developer positions so far. A complete new role in our company is SOC Analyst, and inhire has provided us with a very large number of matched candidates for this position.
Karolina Wolf - Senior HR Specialist
Thanks to the cooperation with inhire, we were able to reach a wide, new group of candidates and we have a clear view of the list of candidates in the process. I really appreciate the effort of the inhire team, which monitors our priorities and the status of candidates on an ongoing basis, and effectively supports our processes.
Dorota Kowalik - Head of Talent Acquisition
Inhire reacts very quickly to our needs and can provide candidate profiles with the required competencies in a short time. (...) inhire understands our needs well and is proactive in the whole recruitment process.
Honoriusz Bergandy - Software Department Manager
I am impressed by your taking care of relations, listening to recruitment needs, knowledge about the industry, and closing processes. The effects are the cherry on top of this successful cooperation.
Kaja Grabowska - IT Recruiter at Fabrity
Via inhire we hired Senior Java Developer, whose experience, approach to work and personality are the sum of everything that we value the most at Codibly. The platform is friendly and intuitive to use.
Katarzyna Szczepara - HR Process Lead, Codibly
Thanks to inhire we hired one person at the Senior level, within 2 weeks since the publication! This success encouraged us to continue cooperation and after the extension of the processes, another nice surprises - 3 new people matched our requirements and are involved in the process.
Karolina Kwaśniewska - Recruitment Manager, Future Processing
We look for the best people who are not only exceptional engineers/data scientists, but also have a strong drive to work in business-heavy environment. Thanks to Inhire we found some great candidates and future BCGers!
Paulina Skrzypek - Senior Recruiting Coordinator at BCG GAMMA
Inhire is a tool that gives comprehensive access to IT specialists, enables us to understand their expectations, efficiently communicate with them and quickly incorporate them into our recruitment processes.
Mateusz Jabłonowski - Employer Branding Specialist at Allegro
We have been using inhire for a year and we are very satisfied with the relationship we have built. Thanks to inhire we were able to hire very good specialists. Some of them have joined the regular level and are currently managing the team.
Ewa Wojak - Recruitment Team Leader at CodiLime
Thanks to Inhire we've found a new valuable team member within the first 2 weeks of our cooperation. Using the platform also allowed us to increase the number of meaningful applications. The key to this is very simple - Inhire consists of the right people in the right place.
Anna Kawecka - People Person & HR Specialist at Pragmatic Coders
The result of using inhire in Project Management role was a few really well-suited applications, of which two people were a really perfect, two-sided match. We have hired one of them already, and we hope that in the future we will have the opportunity to work with the other one as well. And all of this happened in just two weeks!
Ula Kalinowska - Human Relations Manager at Evojam
The first of the inhire candidates is joining us shortly. Inhire allowed us reach to IT security specialists from outside our network while providing positively motivated candidates.
Krzysztof Swaczyński - Vice President of Seqred
Thanks to inhire, we were able to meet some great candidates and thus increase the pool of applications matched to the roles. Selected specialists were invited for further talks, and after 19 days of publication the first person who met us through Inhire joined our team!
Agata Orlik - Head of Recruitment at Spyrosoft
We had over 20 candidates in the process. Communication with the candidates takes place on the platform. Everything gathered in one place - this is a huge advantage of Inhire. After two weeks from the start of the process, we hired the most promising candidate.
Jacek Szczerbiński
Inhire makes recruitment faster and simpler for us. We are impressed by the number of candidates, their responsiveness, communication and the whole automation that the platform brings to us so we avoid tedious tasks and focus only on doing interviews with promising candidates.
Adam Kawa - CEO and Co-founder at GetInData
During the first week of using inhire, we got 8 applications on difficult to recruit senior positions, 6 of which were invited for interviews.
Żaneta Korpowska - Head of People Operations at Cosmose Inc.
Working with Inhire is unique. The company is made up of people who actually care. We have hired a valuable candidate thanks to them and we count on the next ones. Above all, working with inhire is based on honesty and open communication. A company worth recommending!
Magdalena Orlińska - Recruitment Specialist at Medicalgorithmics S.A.
We use at brand24 to streamline our recruitment processes, for both active and passive candidates.
Mike Sadowski - CEO at Brand24
Woodpecker is a relatively young and fast growing company and fits perfectly into our existing recruitment processes. We use it for shortlisting the most promising candidates so that our managers can focus on the best candidates.
Matt Tarczyński - CEO at Woodpecker
As a software house, we always search for promising developers. Inhire simply helps us to find candidates that meet our requirements, so we can continue the processes much faster with the best of them.
Adam Przymusiała - CEO at BinarApps
I used inhire in my previous job, I recommended them in a new job and as always, they fully met our expectations. Inhire is a simple service with perfectly selected candidates. I can’t imagine recruitment processes without it.
Katarzyna Bielecka - IT Recruiter at Pretius
Lingaro is dynamically growing company with constantly growing demand for new people. Thanks to inhire we can recruit valuable candidates and future collegues, especially in BigData and BI areas. Inhire - as a people - cares, helps and is always up to the challenge.
Magdalena Bielska - Junior HR Specialist at Lingaro

Why candidates love inhire?

Quality jobs

The only job ads they get are those that match their skills, experience and salary expecations.

No spam

We only send them jobs they want to keep receiving, as often as they want.

Dedicated support

The Talent Advocate team advises them to choose the most suitable job opportunities.

For me, the strongest point of the platform is the panel where you can see the current progress of your recruitment processes. I don't have to guess at what stage my application got stuck - all the information is at my fingertips.
Michał - Software Engineer
I’ve participated in a few recruitment processes unrelated to the tech industry. Those processes were really long and sometimes lasted several weeks. Inhire positively surprised me with how quickly the meetings and feedback usually appeared and that most companies really made sure that the feedback was constructive.
Łukasz - .NET Developer
I quickly filled out the profile, and the offers began to appear. The whole process was well-designed, the acceptance of offers was also clear and simple. Actually each accepted offer ended up with a conversation with a given company.
Błażej - Cyber Security Analyst
I decided to give inhire a try despite not actively looking for a job. I created a profile and within a week I got a couple of offers, most of which were well-fitted for my profile. One of them - from - particularly caught my attention, so I decided to apply. I went through the recruitment process and I was hired.
Szymon - Senior Java Developer

inhire service
consists of two components


Core service that automates your
manual sourcing

Once you specify perfect candidate profile our algorithm automatically sends personalized emails with your job ad to all the candidates who meet your criteria.

Company profile

The essential part of recruitment, which shows the information candidates are looking for

Set up your company’s profile and use it as an employer branding space. This way support your recruitment and help candidates find out more about you, before they apply.

A perfect complement of existing tools


applicants than on
job boards

Faster than

manual sourcing

Lower costs

compared to
recruitment agencies

Supporting you every step of the way

Experienced recruiters

Our Customer Success team has only experienced recruiters to help you attract the right candidates.

No more

We will support you in your two-way communication with candidates, so you will never be ghosted again.

Boosting your audience

Personal emails, online promotion, and direct contact with candidates to make your job ad visible to matching candidates.

We are integrated with the
most popular ATS!

ATS integration allows you to optimize CV processing and free up your time to focus on what matters most.