7 reasons why hiring Polish tech experts is a wise choice
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  • Inhire is not just a jobboard. It is a tool that gives comprehensive access to IT specialists, enables us to understand their expectations, efficiently communicate with them and quickly incorporate them into our recruitment processes.

  • We look for the best people who are not only exceptional engineers/data scientists, but also have a strong drive to work in business-heavy environment. Thanks to Inhire we found some great candidates and future BCGers!

  • We have been using inhire for a year and we are very satisfied with the relationship we have built. Thanks to inhire we were able to hire very good specialists. Some of them have joined the regular level and are currently managing the team.

  • The first of the inhire candidates is joining us shortly. Inhire allowed us reach to IT security specialists from outside our network while providing positively motivated candidates.

  • Inhire makes recruitment faster and simpler for us. We are impressed by the number of candidates, their responsiveness, communication and the whole automation that the platform brings to us so we avoid tedious tasks and focus only on doing interviews with promising candidates.

  • The result of using inhire in Project Management role was a few really well-suited applications, of which two people were a really perfect, two-sided match. We have hired one of them already, and we hope that in the future we will have the opportunity to work with the other one as well. And all of this happened in just two weeks!