Direct search

If you want to make sure you close your process asap, we will make it happen.
You will pay only for hiring.

No risk

We use the network effect of our platform to deliver job offers to matching candidates on a large scale.

Transparent terms

We set the rates you will pay in advance only if you successfully close the recruitment process

The best pricing

Inhire's Direct Search is 2-3 times cheaper than using recruitment agency.

You're paying only for the success

We don't charge you for our work, we only charge you when there is a successful hire.
Get to know the stories of our clients.
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Fast effects

Already the next day after launching the direct search process, we reach hundreds of candidates in the profile you are looking for, using the power of our wide network of contacts, and the inhire platform.

Full support from our recruiters

As part of the direct search service, you will receive a dedicated recruiter from inhire who will support you throughout the process.

Fast effects

Thanks to our platform, we are able to reach hundreds of candidates in your profile, almost instantly.

Huge network outside of the inhire base

Our network already includes 75% of all IT specialists in Poland.

Extended Analytics

You can be sure that you will receive a full report of our activities, including all the feedback we have received from candidates in response to your process.
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