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Give candidates you want the insight they want. Create a company profile and let candidates get know you.

Benefits of having company profile at inhire

Create your company profile and join hundreds of other employers who reach experienced candidates via inhire.

Let candidates find you!

Candidates go thgorugh comapny profiles at inhire to have access to information about who is currently hiring.

Always updated job offers

We will automatically update job offers on your profile based on what is on your career page. You don't have to worry about anything!

All the necessary information about you

The profile will allow you to effectively show your company from the inside. Candidates want to know what will they do and who will be working with them at your company, if they join you!

Free SEO

Well-created company profiles will appear to candidates in the first place in search results, when they are looking for information about your company.

Show what are you working on

As a part of the profile, you can include interviews with your tech team in order to show candidates the projects you are working on.

Extra promotion

By sharing your profile in our social media, we build your brand awareness among candidates.

All your IT job offers on the profile, automatically, for free!

Once you have an active company profile at inhire, we will automatically update job offers on your profile based on what is on your career page. Candidates will always know who you are looking for because of that.

Always up to date

Our robot will visit your career page every day to update job offers on the employer's profile on inhire.

Free promotion

We promote offers from your profile on our social media channels for free!

Available everywhere

Job offers will be available to the candidates verified by us in the application, it will be on your profile for all people visiting inhire website. We will also promote them online.

Let yourself be found!

Candidates can reach you by searching all the offers on inhire, so it's important for us to always know who are you looking for!
Count how much money you can save!
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What can you present on your profile?

Show your true self

Who you are

What do you do, what technologies do you use, what kind of projects candidates will have?

Always updated jobs

We will automatically update job offers on your profile for you to reflect what is on your career page. You don't have to worry about anything

Recruitment process

A clearly communicated recruitment process allows candidates to know what to expect.

Your team

Show the candidates your team! A good team is one of the main arguments why candidates decide to change jobs!

Articles & interviews

On your profile, you can post articles about you. We will take care of their promotion!


Show the candidates what benefits they can get in a simple and transparent way!
Company profile

But it's not everything...

Personalize your job offers
Content from your profill will let you create more appealing job offers.
It only takes a couple of minutes!
In just a few minutes our wizard will allow you to create a profile on your own, regardless how much information you have about the company.
Different profiles versions
Depending on your needs and size, we have different versions of the profiles to bring you the best effect within the budget that is optimal for you.
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