We will deliver your offer directly on emails of thousands of candidates you are looking for.

Thousands of potential candidates

Every week, about 200 new, experienced tech specialists register at inhire to receive offers tailored to their expectations.

Manually verified

All candidates registered at inhire have been manually accepted by us, all graduated from technical universities or have several years of experience.

Automated matching

Our algorithm match your offer to the experience and expectations of candidates to ensure you reach the candidates you are looking for.

Support of an experienced recruiter

Your processes are supervised by a dedicated recruiter inhire, who will help you improve your job offer and, if necessary, will additionally assist you with direct contact with candidates from our network.

Additional promotion

We promote your recruitment processes in all our social media channels to provide you an even better effect.
17 000
experienced tech candidates are already registered at inhire.
of candidates applying via inhire are being invited in recruitment processes by our clients.

Effective, tailor-made job offers

In a few seconds, you can personalize your offer so that it meets candidates expectations as much as possible.

Relevant content

Before publishing, we will verify the content of your job offer and suggest possible improvements.

Personalization increases effectiveness

Include the most essential elements of your company profile inside the process to increase effects.

Important for candidates

Knowing with whom they will work with and what technologies they will use at work, it is all very important to candidates considering a job change. Show it all to them in just a few seconds!

The recruitment process

Show clearly in the job post how the recruitment process will look like and who will be the recruiter.
Tailor made

Advanced analytics available for every process!

We analyze absolutely everything related to your process to ensure the best possible results and continuous improvements for the future. Everything is updated every 24 hours for each process.
Thanks to our analytics you will learn:
  • How many people has your job offer reached?
  • How many people have read its details?
  • Why are some candidates rejecting your offers?
  • What are the financial expectations of the candidates your offer has reached?

We match your job offers even if you don't publish salary!

We are able to match the job offer to the financial expectations of the candidates, even if you can not officially publish salary range!
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Patented solution

Our solution is pending patent protection in the European Union, giving both candidates and employers registered on inhire a big advantage over the rest of the market.

Increase your odds

Matching job offers to candidates salary expectations, greatly increases your changes of getting candidates attention.
Matching offers

Additional promotion of your processes

Social media promotion
We promote your job offers in our social media channels, free of charge.
Multichannel reach out
Your processes will be publically available on the profile, will be in the application for registered candidates and will be promoted online on social media.
Proactive research
Our recruiters proactively send your offers to matching candidates from our network of contacts, also outside the application.
You can incorporate interviews with tech team on your profile to show candidates what you are working on.
You can count on the support of experienced recruiters working at inhire at every step.
Start hiring the best tech specialists