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IT Market Snapshot 2021 – Salaries in IT industry in Poland – English version
Check salaries in the IT industry, based on the analysis of job offers published by 3 666 employers.
IT Market Snapshot 2021 – raport o rynku IT w Polsce
Sprawdź jak wyglądają zarobki w branży IT, na podstawie analizy ogłoszeń 3 666 pracodawców.
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Questions that you might have

How inhire is different?
We are a platform where companies meet the best IT talent. We will never try to impress you with how huge our database is because we know that doesn't mean delivering candidates at all. We can post your job opening to our cherry-picked candidates, exactly the ones that you are looking for, and notify you that they are interested just seconds after they agree to talk to you.
"I have thousands of candidates in my database" what can you do for me?
Good for you! Yet somehow you are still posting job posts, aren't you? What we can do is present you with candidates that are perfect for your needs and, what is even more important, are interested here and now. If you can easily get the same effect from your huge database, you probably don't need us.
How many candidates will I get?
We don't know. The whole point of inhire is that we only show you candidates who decided to apply for your job post, so it's entirely in candidates' hands. What we can guarantee is that if you approach candidates that applied to your company quickly enough they will be committed to that application. After all tech guys are pretty reasonable :) But we can help you to increase your chances through insider consulting, just talk to us.
Do you require exclusive cooperation?
Nope, we understand that you have other things in place like posting on jobboards or working with agencies. You can always decline a candidate applying via inhire if you already know that person from another source.
When will I get candidates?
A couple of seconds after they accept your job post, so it's only up to you when to engage with them.
How big is your database?
We understand you have to ask that, but we don't disclose the exact number - let's just say it's a 4-digit one. Our only goal is to give you small number of candidates that you will love and we know that is what you are looking for deep down. That is why you are here. But if you are not hiring but doing employer branding, then let us know, we know a few jobboards that are great at that.