Can I process candidates in my ATS?

Yes, if you are using the eRecruiter system, you can do it quite easily.

Thenstructions on how to integrate inhire with eRecruiter can be found here:

However, if you are using a different ATS, then – because of GDPR – you will not be able to feed candidates into your ATS without obtaining their prior written consent. According to our terms and conditions, you can process candidates by means of our platform. If a candidate decides to delete their account on our platform, we will be able to exercise their right to be forgotten, because their data are stored on our platform.

You can also start a conversation with a candidate in our platform and, once you have established a relationship, ask them to directly apply for the position of their interest. We are totally OK with it, you have the data in your ATS and candidates perfectly understand it.

This does not mean that we will not remind you to update the candidate’s statuses on inhire – quite the opposite 🙂