Generating an Access Key and Source ID

Generating an Access Key

1. In the administrator’s account in eRecruiter go to Settings in the menu on the left-hand side and select: Integration with eRecruiter

2. Select the Partners tab and click Activate next to inHire

3. Select what kind of access you want to grant to inHire:

  • all recruitment processes – selecting this option means that you will no longer need to share with inhire each individual recruitment process in eRecruiter
  • selected recruitment processes – for each selected recruitment process you will have to select the option of sharing it with inhire (see the below section – sharing a recruitment process)

4. Copy the key and paste it into the Settings section of the app | Integrations | eRecruiter

5. Click “Save”. Test the connection by clicking “TEST THE CONNECTION”.

Generating a source ID

1. Go to Settings. Select “Location of job posts” in the menu on the left-hand side and click “Add a job post location”.

2. Add the location by providing the following data:

Importing source ID to the inhire app

Go to Settings | Integrations | eRecruiter in the inhire app and click “Import source ID from eRecruiter”.