How can I process candidates?

Candidates who intentionally apply in a particular process will be visible in the “Candidates” tab (the “Awaiting your decision” column). Whenever somebody applies for a job, you will receive an e-mail notification from the system.

Table view

By clicking “Show profile”, you will automatically open the profile of the applicant in the new tab.

Board view

By clicking “Open”, you will automatically open the profile of the applicant (the “CVs” tab on the left).


Clicking on the “CVs” tab on the left or on the candidate’s name will take you directly to the candidate’s profile.

Candidate’s profile

When creating an account, candidates provide their their contact details: the phone number and e-mail address.

The candidate’s profile (apart from contact details) contains such information as: name and surname, candidate’s CV OR a link to his profile on LinkedIn, locations in which he/she would like to work, technologies and areas in which he/she works/would like to work.

You can contact a candidate by sending them a message via the platform (by clicking “Send message” button).

In the “Candidates” tab, you will find tags (table view) or columns (board view) that represent particular stages of the recruitment process:

  1. Waiting for your decision – the candidates who want to participate in your process that you have not seen before
  2. Evaluating candidate – you are preliminarily interested in a candidate’s profile, but you might be awaiting a decision of your manager or you are planning preliminary screening
  3. Invited for the interview – the candidate has been invited to a job interview
  4. Offer submitted – the candidates receives a job offer
  5. Hired – you receive congratulations from us 🙂
  6. Negative – the candidates who have been rejected at any stage of the recruitment process (because they failed to meet the criteria or turned inactive)

Important! You can manually change a candidate’s status by moving their tile from one column to another. In this case, a message will appear asking if you’d like to proceed. After confirming the change, the system will generate an automatic e-mail notification for the candidate (change of application status), thanks to which he/she receives regular updates about what is happening in his/her recruitment process.

When a candidate’s tile is moved to the “Negative” column, a window will appear asking for the reason of the candidate’s rejection. You should choose one of several options. You can also write feedback for the rejected candidate.

After selecting the reason and approving the changes, the candidate’s profile will be moved to “Negative” column.