How to add new users to an account?

After logging into the Employer’s Account, click the name of the user in the upper-right corner (your e-mail address/logo) and select “Settings.” (Only after logging in as ADMIN you’ll have such an option.)

From the available options choose “Users” and in the upper-right corner you will see a green “Add a new user” button. After selecting this option, provide information on the person whom you want to connect to your employer’s account, choose the role and the supervisor.

After adding a new user, he or she will receive an e-mail with a link to change the password.

The structure of authorisations in every employer’s account is as follows:

Administrator > Manager > User

  • Administrator – the only person authorised to edit the employer’s profile and add new users/managers
  • Manager – a manager can see all processes added by them and processes of the users’ supervised by them.
  • User – can add and edit their processes, view candidates’ profiles (their responses to these processes) and process them