How to integrate inhire with Traffit

inhire is an automated sourcing platform for recruiting tech talents, reaching out directly to thousands of tech, vetted candidates.

Traffit Recruiting’s integration with inhire allows getting candidates sourced with the use of inhire Platform directly into your Traffit ATS instance.

In this article:

  • Create an API key for the Traffit Recruiting / inhire integration
  • Set up integration on inhire platform using Traffit API key
  • Use the inhire integration with Traffit Recruiting
  • Additional resources

Create an API key for the Traffit Recruiting / inhire integration

You can create Traffit API key with the following instruction:

Remember! Create client with scopes: dictionary, employee, recruitment, source

 The first thing you need to do is to add an integration client.

  1. Go to the Settings–> Integration with the Traffit API and click “+Add client”.
  2. Write a name of your client (you can use only Latin alphabet and numbers) and press Enter. The final name of your client will be in <your_instance_name>_<your_client_name> format.
  3. After that, you can choose scopes which will be allowed to be used for generating access tokens. Each scope allows to use some API endpoints connected to it. For example, the employee scope allows you to create, update and retrieve your candidates data.

Remember! You need to add source: “” to your Traffit Account:

Go to the Settings–> Dictionaries -> Choose Dictionary: “Candidate source” (or “Źródło kandydata”) on the right.Click “+Add value” -> Enter the name of source: “” and click Save.

Set up integration on inhire platform using Traffit API key

You can provide your Traffit API key to your inhire onboarding team so they can set up the integration or do it yourself following the steps.

Log in as Admin into your inhire account. Choose the Settings section after right clicking on your email address in the top right corner. Choose Integrations.  Choose Traffit icon.

Enter the client name and the client secret generated in the previous section and domain name, username and password of your Traffit Account. Process with Save button.

You are done! If you want to edit the GDPR consent template which candidates applying to your job posting on inhire have to accept, you can edit the Consent template box and click the Save button.

Use the inhire integration with Traffit Recruiting

In the previous section you defined the API key for the integration. Now it is time to bind your process on inhire Platform with the corresponding recruitment process on your Traffit ATS.

Suppose that you want candidates applying to your recruitment process Senior ML Engineer defined on inhire being sent via API to your recruitment process Machine Learning Engineer defined on Traffit:

Senior ML Engineer (inhire) → Machine Learning Engineer (Traffit)

Go to the Processes section on inhire and click on the three vertical dots button. Choose the Edit option from the menu.

Scroll down end enable Integrate with ATS option.

After clicking on the list choose the corresponding recruitment process retrieved from your Traffit instance.

In order to test integration click the Test Integration button. inhire will insert Test candidate to your Traffit recruitment process. Click Next: Process Customization button.

Click Process Preview button.

Click Save button to save your integration into the database.

You have to repeat this procedure with all processes on inhire you want to bind with corresponding processen on Traffit.

Additional resources

For additional information not covered here, reach out to [email protected]

Feel free to add any FAQs, links to your own Help Center, or information regarding implementation pricing, common errors, etc.