I cannot see a candidate’s CV – where can I find it?

It is our responsibility to verify and accept accounts of candidates who create profiles on inhire. A candidate’s profile may be accepted on a condition that they uploaded their CV OR a link to their profile on Linkedin.

You can see whether the candidate added a link to their LinkedIn profile or uploaded their CV in the Candidates view:

To view them, click “Show profile”, where you will find a preview of the CV and/or a link to the LinkedIn profile:

Why do some candidates fail to upload their CVs?

So called passive candidates do not always have a ready CV to upload when they see an offer they find interesting. In order to register to inhire and receive offers matching their criteria they sometimes prefer to add a link to their profile on Linkedin rather that wait for registration (until they update their CV). If, for any formal reasons, a candidate’s CV is essential for your further processing of their application, you can ask them to upload the file onto the platform or send it to you directly.