– where to start? (onboarding)

1. Register an employer’s account: (writing the e-mail address, defining the password, accepting relevant terms and conditions and privacy policy)

2. Select the language version:

3. Provide basic information, i.e.:

  • your name, surname and job title,
  • your phone number,
  • the company’s marketing name (without the indication of its legal form such as “ltd”, “plc”, etc.). It is important that the target and correct name of the company is entered before the employer’s profile is made public,
  • your company’s website address,
  • number of open jobs per month,
  • information on how you’ve found inhire (options to choose: Google, LinkedIn, Facebook/Instagram etc.)

The above information will be available in the “Company Settings” tab (click”Settings” in the left-hand panel and then “Company Settings”)

Employer profile - recruitment platform (screenshot)

By clicking on “Company Profile” in the panel on the left, you’ll see 4 profile types to choose from: FREE, BASIC, BUSINESS and ENTERPRISE.

You can create a FREE profile right away. In the case of other profile types, please contact your assistant appointed by inhire.

The next step after choosing your company profile type is establishing your employer’s profile.

After completing the profile, click on “Preview” in the bar at the bottom.

You can save your completed profile as a draft (and you can edit it at any time) or publish it immediately by clicking “Save and publish”:

Your company’s profile will be verified by inhire before it’s made public.

You can see that your profile is being verified in the panel on the left. The “Company Profile” tab is marked “In review”:

If your profile is positively verified, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

The e-mail address that you use to sign up to inhire will automatically be granted all the rights of the company’s account. Notifications concerning candidates and process will be sent to this e-mail address. You will also be able to add additional information and edit your employer’s profile as well as to manage the users of the account.