Integrating eRecruiter with – candidate’s perspective

  1. A candidate has an account on our platform (their account includes: contact details, a CV or a link to their Linkedin profile and technical skills they would like to develop) or creates an account, because they are interested in an job posted in our portal.
  2. Logged-in candidates see two tabs in which they can browse job posts: “Matched to you” and “All offers”.

If they are interested in an offer, irrespective of the tab in which it was found, they can apply for the position by clicking the “APPLY” button located in the top, next to the offer,

or at the bottom of the offer, visible after expanding the details:

  1. If the company has enabled integration with eRecruiter, the candidate will see an additional notification informing them of their data being transferred to the company’s internal ATS system, e.g.:



the form of the notification can be adjusted to the company’s internal settings. It can be edited and changed in eRecruiter – see the picture:

  • If the candidate consents to this, their data will be fed directly to the company’s IT system and saved on, and the recruiter will receive an e-mail notification informing them of a new candidate.
    Important! If a candidate has not uploaded a CV to, there will be no CV in the client’s system, and the link to the candidate’s Linkedin profile will be placed in the notes).
  • If a candidate does not consent to their data being transferred, their application will be displayed on only, and the recruiter will receive an e-mail informing them of the new candidate.
  1. Everything is set!

If a candidate is being processed in a client’s internal system, our recruiters are always in touch with you and make sure that the statuses on are updated.

Candidates are notified of their changing statuses and can trace the process on our platform, which is why it is so important to update all processes.