What is a candidate’s card and how does it work?

In order to make it easier for you to present candidates applying by means of inhire to hiring managers, we created the “Candidate’s card”. This feature allows you to easily collect feedback from your managers concerning each candidate.

In an e-mail informing you about a new application you will find two buttons:

  • “Log in” / “Zaloguj się do inhire” – by clicking it, you will be redirected to your account on inhire
  • “See the candidate” / “Zobacz kandydata”

By clicking the “See the candidate” you will be redirected to the candidate’s card where (without the need to log into the platform) you will see their profile. Within the card you can move the candidate to the “Pending evaluation” stage, you can reject the candidate or refer their profile for evaluation of a hiring manager (click HERE to learn how to add hiring managers to the list):

In order to view a candidate’s card, use the PIN code (all users and hiring managers use the same PIN code).

Click HERE to learn how to obtain and change the PIN code.

A hiring manager, after receiving a candidate’s card and entering the PIN code, can:

  • accept
  • reject
  • or comment on the profile

We will notify you via e-mail of every action of the hiring manager.

Thanks to the “Candidate’s card” you can easily gather feedback on candidates from hiring managers. All changes are saved automatically and they will be visible in a candidate’s card in the “Candidates” tab (if their status changes).

Remember! If you want to share a candidate’s profile with hiring managers, you need to do it from within the card itself. The message concerning a new candidate, received to your e-mail, must not be forwarded, because if it is, your hiring manager will act on your behalf, and not as themselves. Every link is unique.