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Salaries in IT industry in Poland - 2021

Check salaries in the IT industry, based on the analysis of job offers published by 3 666 employers.
IT Market Snapshot 2021

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Michał Gąszczyk


In a minute, you will receive a comprehensive summary of the situation on the Polish IT market in 2021 – comparing it to the previous year, we have observed even larger gains in almost every field surveyed in our reports.

In 2021 employers from the IT sector published twice as many job posts as in the previous year – in the last quarter of 2021 the index amounted to nearly 24,000 job posts, demonstrating how quickly the demand for IT specialists is growing.

In the beginning of 2020, employers approached remote work rather as a benefit and remote working appeared in only 14% of offers. While at the end of the last year it was included in 70% of all job posts! Remote work has become a requirement rather than a benefit and those employers who have not yet accustomed themselves to the new mode of working might experience difficulties in hiring new IT specialists.

Salaries have sky-rocketed, too. Both salaries of mids and seniors reached historically high levels – PLN 20,000 and 25,000, respectively, as far as job posts including remote work are concerned. Salaries of juniors, on the other hand, exceeded the amount of PLN 10,000 by a narrow margin.

Is the bubble ever going to burst? Many HR specialists in the IT industry keep asking this question and, although 2022 might hold a few surprises, one thing remains certain: competition in the IT sector is fierce, global players are competing to hire from the same pool of talent and 2022 will be difficult for you, if you do not have an attractive offer for potential employees (not only in financial terms).

You will find plenty of information in the report and every subsequent edition will be an update to the previous one.

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