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  • Kaja Grabowska

    Kaja Grabowska

    IT Recruiter at Fabrity
    Case study

    I am impressed by your taking care of relations, listening to recruitment needs, knowledge about the industry, and closing processes. The effects are the cherry on top of this successful cooperation.

  • Renata Maszczykowska

    Renata Maszczykowska

    Recruitment Manager,
    Case study

    Searching for DevOps specialists is not the easiest IT recruitment challenge, and cooperation with inhire gave very good results in this area. inhire quickly recommended us a great engineer, and and we hired him finally.

  • Katarzyna Szczepara

    Katarzyna Szczepara

    HR Process Lead, Codibly
    Case study

    Via inhire we hired Senior Java Developer, whose experience, approach to work and personality are the sum of everything that we value the most at Codibly. The platform is friendly and intuitive to use.

  • Karolina Kwaśniewska

    Karolina Kwaśniewska

    Recruitment Manager, Future Processing
    Case study

    Thanks to inhire we hired one person at the Senior level, within 2 weeks since the publication! This success encouraged us to continue cooperation and after the extension of the processes, another nice surprises - 3 new people matched our requirements and are involved in the process.

  • Aleksandra Kott

    Aleksandra Kott

    People & Culture Generalist, Nethone
    Case study

    Via inhire we have posted a Team Leader job offer to one of our technical teams. This profile is much more difficult to recruit. An that’s when inhire’s matching magic has begun! The candidate who appeared in the process turned out to be not only an engineer perfectly suited to our stack, but also had experience in team management. Within 3 weeks, we became convinced that this is the right person we want to invite to cooperation.

  • Paulina Skrzypek

    Paulina Skrzypek

    Senior Recruiting Coordinator at BCG GAMMA

    We look for the best people who are not only exceptional engineers/data scientists, but also have a strong drive to work in business-heavy environment. Thanks to Inhire we found some great candidates and future BCGers!

  • Mateusz Jabłonowski

    Mateusz Jabłonowski

    Employer Branding Specialist at Allegro
    Case study

    Inhire is not just a jobboard. It is a tool that gives comprehensive access to IT specialists, enables us to understand their expectations, efficiently communicate with them and quickly incorporate them into our recruitment processes.

  • Ewa Wojak

    Ewa Wojak

    Recruitment Team Leader at CodiLime
    Case study

    We have been using inhire for a year and we are very satisfied with the relationship we have built. Thanks to inhire we were able to hire very good specialists. Some of them have joined the regular level and are currently managing the team.

  • Anna Kawecka

    Anna Kawecka

    People Person & HR Specialist at Pragmatic Coders
    Case study

    Thanks to Inhire we've found a new valuable team member within the first 2 weeks of our cooperation. Using the platform also allowed us to increase the number of meaningful applications. The key to this is very simple - Inhire consists of the right people in the right place.

  • Ula Kalinowska

    Ula Kalinowska

    Human Relations Manager at Evojam
    Case study

    The result of using inhire in Project Management role was a few really well-suited applications, of which two people were a really perfect, two-sided match. We have hired one of them already, and we hope that in the future we will have the opportunity to work with the other one as well. And all of this happened in just two weeks!

  • Krzysztof Swaczyński

    Krzysztof Swaczyński

    Vice President of Seqred
    Case study

    The first of the inhire candidates is joining us shortly. Inhire allowed us reach to IT security specialists from outside our network while providing positively motivated candidates.

  • Agata Orlik

    Agata Orlik

    Head of Recruitment at Spyrosoft
    Case study

    Thanks to inhire, we were able to meet some great candidates and thus increase the pool of applications matched to the roles. Selected specialists were invited for further talks, and after 19 days of publication the first person who met us through Inhire joined our team!

  • Jacek Szczerbiński

    Jacek Szczerbiński

    Case study

    We had over 20 candidates in the process. Communication with the candidates takes place on the platform. Everything gathered in one place - this is a huge advantage of Inhire. After two weeks from the start of the process, we hired the most promising candidate.

  • Adam Kawa

    Adam Kawa

    CEO and Co-founder at GetInData

    Inhire makes recruitment faster and simpler for us. We are impressed by the number of candidates, their responsiveness, communication and the whole automation that the platform brings to us so we avoid tedious tasks and focus only on doing interviews with promising candidates.

  • Żaneta Korpowska

    Żaneta Korpowska

    Head of People Operations at Cosmose Inc.

    During the first week of using inhire, we got 8 applications on difficult to recruit senior positions, 6 of which were invited for interviews.

  • Magdalena Orlińska

    Magdalena Orlińska

    Recruitment Specialist at Medicalgorithmics S.A.

    Working with Inhire is unique. The company is made up of people who actually care. We have hired a valuable candidate thanks to them and we count on the next ones. Above all, working with inhire is based on honesty and open communication. A company worth recommending!

  • Mike Sadowski

    Mike Sadowski

    CEO at Brand24

    We use at brand24 to streamline our recruitment processes, for both active and passive candidates.

  • Matt Tarczyński

    Matt Tarczyński

    CEO at Woodpecker

    Woodpecker is a relatively young and fast growing company and fits perfectly into our existing recruitment processes. We use it for shortlisting the most promising candidates so that our managers can focus on the best candidates.

  • Adam Przymusiała

    Adam Przymusiała

    CEO at BinarApps

    As a software house, we always search for promising developers. Inhire simply helps us to find candidates that meet our requirements, so we can continue the processes much faster with the best of them.

  • Anna Podsiadłowicz

    Anna Podsiadłowicz

    Coordinator for Personnel and Human Resources at Pizza Portal

    Cooperation with inhire made it very easy for us to search for new employees. Due to advanced projects carried out by our IT department, in recruitment we focus mainly on people for senior positions. As you know - this is not an easy task. Our statistics with cooperation with inhire are impressive - three meetings in a few days and one person employed! A company worth recommending :)

  • Katarzyna Bielecka

    Katarzyna Bielecka

    IT Recruiter at Pretius

    I used inhire in my previous job, I recommended them in a new job and as always, they fully met our expectations. Inhire is a simple service with perfectly selected candidates. I can’t imagine recruitment processes without it.

  • Magdalena Bielska

    Magdalena Bielska

    Junior HR Specialist at Lingaro

    Lingaro is dynamically growing company with constantly growing demand for new people. Thanks to inhire we can recruit valuable candidates and future collegues, especially in BigData and BI areas. Inhire - as a people - cares, helps and is always up to the challenge.

  • Mateusz Bielawski

    Mateusz Bielawski

    HR Business Partner at IIIT

    Inhire allows us to reach and hire candidates that we want and greatly reduces number or applications that are not fitting our criteria.