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IT Salaries in Poland 2023: Comprehensive Insights from the Latest Report

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Are you keen to understand the IT salary landscape in Poland for 2023? The recent Q3 report from provides essential insights into the earnings of tech specialists in this European hub.

Job Offers and Employer Trends in the Polish IT Market

Chart - IT salaries in Poland: Number of tech employers

The number of companies publishing IT job offers in Poland

While the number of IT job offers has seen a decline of 4.6%, the count of companies publishing these job offers is on the rise – witnessing a 13% growth.


Michał Gąszczyk, CEO at, states:

“The current number of job offers remains similar to that three months ago, hovering around 18,000. Despite this, there’s a surge in the companies posting them (+13%).

This trend mirrors the scenario post-pandemic where in Q2 2020 only 2431 firms published offers but by Q3, this number jumped to 2979. The growth from 2680 to 3028 this year could be an indicator of companies adapting to the crisis, hinting at a gradual market thaw. While it’s challenging to deduce a clear answer, it’s worth watching the industry closely in the upcoming Q4.”

Remote Work in the Polish IT Sector

Chart - IT salaries in Poland: Percentage of offers with remote work

Percentage of offers with the possibility of remote work (green bars) and the total number of offers (blue line)

The remote work trend in the IT sector remains consistent, with 68% of job offers from Q2 2023 supporting remote work. If you’re analyzing monthly IT salaries for remote positions in Q3 2023, juniors could expect an average upper range of USD 2,593, mid-level professionals up to USD 4,830, and IT experts (seniors) up to USD 6,544.

IT Salary Transparency in Job Offers

Chart - IT salaries in Poland: Percentage of IT job offers with public salary ranges

Percentage of IT job offers with public salary ranges

When we think about IT salaries in 2023, transparency often comes to mind. However, it’s noteworthy that only 36% of companies share their salary ranges in the Polish IT Market.

IT Salaries by Programming Languages

Chart - IT salaries in Poland: Rates by programming languages

Percentage change in the average upper salary ranges for specific technologies comparing Q3 to Q2 2023

How much does a tech specialist earn depending on the technology? Developers skilled in most popular programming languages: Java, JavaScript, and Python saw wage increases of 3.8%, 0.4%, and 0.1% respectively. The salary for various technologies in Q3 2023 is presented in the table below:

Programming Language

Monthly salary in Q2 2023

Monthly salary in Q3 2023


USD 6,617*

⬇︎ USD 6,244


USD 5,868

⬆︎ USD 6,088


USD 6,037

⬇︎ USD 5,944


USD 5,615

⬆︎ USD 5,820


USD 5,442

⬆︎ USD 5,763


USD 6,200

⬆︎ USD 6,207


USD 6,424

⬇︎ USD 6,034


USD 5,537

⬆︎ USD 5,876


USD 5,906

⬇︎ USD 5,659


USD 5,417

⬆︎ USD 5,440


USD 6,420

⬇︎ USD 5,172


USD 4,852

⬇︎ USD 4,536

*The figures in PLN represent the average upper range from offers. For contract of employment, gross salary is considered, and for B2B – net salary.

IT Job Offers in Major Polish Cities and their Corresponding Salaries

Chart - IT salaries in Poland: Number of offers by city

Number of IT job offers published in various cities of Poland

Locally, Warsaw leads in the number of IT job offers. However, it’s crucial to highlight the rates: the average B2B monthly salary in the capital of Poland stands at USD 5,450 net, while for employment contracts, it’s USD 4,250 gross.

Additional Data on Polish IT Salaries

For a deeper dive into IT salaries in Poland for 2023, download our free report:

IT Salaries in Poland in Q3 2023: How much do tech specialists earn in Poland? Report