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How to improve your recruiting process?

Recruitment and HR in Tech

As Ken Robinson once said, human resources are like natural resources: they’re often buried deep, and you have to look for them. Upgraded candidate experience, informative and precise job offers, as well as HR tools tailored to the needs of HR make this process easier for both sides. In this article, you can find a summary of tips on improving your recruitment process.

Steps to improve the recruitment process

Before you start working on improving your recruitment process, you need to know your company’s strengths and weaknesses. Start by reviewing your image as an employer and the process itself.

Review your recruitment process to date

By evaluating your recruitment process, you can find out what elements your process is lacking and how you can keep it low-cost and highly effective. So, ask the newly employed developers about their experience and gather information on the most and least complicated parts. Find out which steps of the process were off-putting to developers and which ones made possible employees excited and curious. Websites like Comparably or Glassdoor may also be good sources of information. 

Improve your employer branding

Your employer branding is, to put it simply, the market’s view of your company as an employer. The recruitment process should include communicating that your company is a good workplace with a unique culture that attracts top talents. Things that your brand stands up for draw the attention of most qualified developers with similar views and values, creating a bonded team with a shared mission. The recruiter should also have a professionally prepared LinkedIn profile to make a good impression on the developer. 

How to improve recruitment strategies? 

The evaluation gave you a picture of what needs improvement. The only thing that’s left to do is create a plan to fix the discovered issues. Although the strategy needs to be tailored to your company, here are a few ideas that can improve your recruitment strategies.

Consider international candidates

In many cases, it may be worth considering hiring outside your country. Recruiting internationally diversifies and widens your talent pool, allowing for a greater number of developers to choose from. Hiring people from diverse backgrounds means new perspectives brought to the table that might be even more helpful when working with various clients. 

Enhance the candidate experience

According to Brandon Hall Group’s 2018 Candidate Experience Study, almost 73% of organizations agree that candidate experience is essential for their business. No wonder why – candidates’ perception of the recruiting process plays a significant role in the company’s employer branding. Here are a few tips on improving the candidate experience. 

Write clear and specific job offers

A clear and comprehensible announcement will attract candidates who match the requirements. When trying to improve your recruitment process, make sure to include all important information, such as starting date, compensation, and benefits. To attract top tech talents, you need to highlight your company’s unique culture and the opportunities that go with the position.

Simplify your application process 

60% of job seekers give up in the middle of completing online applications because of their length or complexity. 10-step recruitment processes are outdated – try to attract the most talented developers with an easy and fast process.

Give feedback

Don’t keep the candidates in the middle. During the application process, update them about the progress. After making the decision, provide them with feedback as soon as possible – it will help them to grow as professionals. Such practices also improve the company’s image and encourage candidates to keep applying in the future.

Get feedback yourself

Be open to getting feedback from your candidates about the recruitment process to improve their experience. Keep evaluating your recruitment tactics to keep up with the changing market and attract the best employees. 

How to automate the recruitment process?

Using AI hiring software and recruiting automation simplifies and speeds up the recruitment process. If you’re wondering how to automate the recruitment process, check out the best HR tools that help with analytics, onboarding, or educational training.

End-to-end HR tools

Many different tools are helping with all parts of the recruitment process available on the market. Some of them offer all of the necessary tools in a package deal. Check out software like ClearCompany, Manatal, or SoftGarden to get applicant tracking tools, analytics, candidate management, and AI-powered unique features.

Discover talents on unique job boards

Popular job boards present thousands of positions of different kinds, which can be overwhelming for a potential employee. Specific job boards address this problem and attract desired candidates. If you’re currency searching for such a source, check out our platform Inhire which perfectly matches employers with developers and IT talents. 

The more efficient hiring process 

We hope the tips in this article will help you improve your recruitment process. 

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