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[Report] Salaries and Top Trends in the Polish Tech Industry – Q2 2023

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What trends emerged during Q2 2023? Which specialists were in high demand, and what was their earning potential? And what caused the significant decrease in job ads? Keep reading to find the answers and gain valuable insights into salaries and top trends in the Polish tech industry!

The tech industry is constantly changing, with new technologies and trends emerging all the time. So, it’s no surprise that keeping up with the latest trends might be a challenge. Especially now when things change in the blink of an eye.

But here’s the thing: staying informed about the latest technologies is essential if you want to attract top tech talent and stay ahead of the competition. 

So, to help you with navigating this dynamic landscape, we’ve put together the latest edition of our quarterly report – IT Market Snapshot, covering IT salaries and job trends in the Polish tech industry for Q2 2023.

Interested in what we’ve discovered? Take a look below – the insights are far more than interesting…

The lowest number of job ads since Q2 2020

As shocking as it seems, it’s a fact. The number of job ads published in Q2 2023 in the Polish IT industry was the lowest since 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic began.

Although the first quarter of 2023 was surprisingly good in terms of the number of new job postings, Q2 brought significant changes in the market.

What does that mean?

Simply put, 

  • The number of job ads has experienced a significant decline of 43%. In Q1 2023, there were 32,876 job ads published, while in Q2, the number dropped to only 18,837.
  • Additionally, the number of employers publishing job ads decreased by 27%, from 3,678 in Q1 to 2,680 in Q2.

Now the question arises: What led to this change?


Michał Gąszczyk


Since the year began, the labour market has been mired in uncertainty, suspended recruitment processes or layoffs. 

However, the analysis of data from the previous quarter seemed to suggest that the number of job ads in the tech sector is, surprisingly, increasing. We tried to explain this phenomenon in the introduction to the previous edition of the report. The inconsistency that we reported in Q1 2023 stemmed from the fact that many job boards advertised the same remote position in a number of different cities, distorting the actual number of job ads.

In Q2 2023, job boards abandoned this practice and pictured a more accurate image of the current labour market.

The most in-demand tech jobs in Poland – Q2 2023

Having analyzed job ads posted on and other most commonly used job search platforms for IT specialists in Poland (such as,, and, we’ve found that there was a demand for a few specific roles. 

The top three positions remained the same as in the first quarter of 2023, with some minor changes:

  1. Backend Developers ranked first with around 5,000 job ads.
  2. DevOps Engineers secured the second position this time with 3,000 jobs.
  3. Frontend Developers claimed the third spot with 2,750 jobs.

The other popular roles included Testers, Project Managers, Fullstack Developers, Mobile Developers, and Security Engineers.

Salaries in the Polish tech industry during Q2 2023

Once it’s been clear what tech specialists were the most sought-after in Q2 2023, it’s time to discuss their potential earnings.

However, it’s important to note that:

  • Q2 witnessed a decline in the number of job ads that included salary ranges. The percentage decreased significantly by 5%, dropping from 41% to 36%.

It might be because fewer companies published job ads, and those that did are rather “big
players” known for keeping this information confidential.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that we can’t move on with our discussion about earnings!

With Warsaw maintaining its position as the frontrunner among cities with the highest number of jobs (4,917), it’s worth diving deeper into the salaries offered there. The table below shows the average salaries offered in Warsaw depending on the level of seniority (from April to July 2023):





Backend Developer

B2B: USD 2,140
UoP: USD 1,800

B2B: USD 4,000
UoP: USD 3,200

B2B: USD 5,150
UoP: USD 4,300

DevOps Engineer

B2B: USD 2,300
UoP: USD 2,100

B2B: USD 4,200
UoP: USD 3,400

B2B: USD 5,400
UoP: USD 4,500

Frontend Developer

B2B: USD 1,750
UoP: USD 1,650

B2B: USD 3,750
UoP: USD 3,100

B2B: USD 4,900
UoP: USD 4,150


B2B: USD 1,650
UoP: USD 1,750

B2B: USD 3,500
UoP: USD 2,600

B2B: USD 4,500
UoP: USD 3,950

Project Manager

B2B: USD 1,700
UoP: USD 1,650

B2B: USD 3,500
UoP: USD 3,070

B2B: USD 4,800
UoP: USD 4,060

Fullstack Developer

B2B: USD 3,000
UoP: USD 1,900

B2B: USD 4,000
UoP: USD 3,060

B2B: USD 5,000
UoP: USD 4,050

Mobile Developer

B2B: USD 2,200
UoP: USD 1,700

B2B: USD 4,100
UoP: USD 3,460

B2B: USD 5,000
UoP: USD 4,200

Security Engineer

B2B: USD 1,550
UoP: USD 1,900

B2B: USD 4,700
UoP: USD 3,300

B2B: USD 5,550
UoP: USD 4,900

*B2B: net/month, UoP (employment contract): gross/month 

Fun fact:

  • Contrary to expectations, Warsaw, despite having the highest number of job ads, wasn’t the city where tech specialists could earn the highest salaries. Surprisingly, it was Łódź!

Curious to know how much tech specialists could earn there and in other cities across Poland?

Visit our Salary Calculator, where you can check the most recent salary figures based on:

  • job title,
  • technology,
  • experience,
  • location.

And… We can’t help but mention that the salaries are daily updated. So, you get the most current data available.

Were there any positive changes in the second quarter?

It’s fair to say that Q2 wasn’t as gloomy as it might seem at first glance. And it would be unacceptable not to mention some positive changes we’ve also observed.

For example:

  • Over the course of a year, the growing share of job ads published by foreign companies in
    Poland has increased by 32%.
    That’s quite a lot, don’t you think?
  • Junior employees could count on a salary increase. Those working remotely received salaries higher by 270 USD (Q2 –  2,498 USD vs. Q1 – 2,228 USD), while those working from the office received 329 USD more than the previous quarter (Q2 – 2,864 USD vs. Q1 – 2,535 USD).

For more insights, make sure to check out our IT Market Snapshot – Q2 2023 and Salary Calculator. They provide a comprehensive overview of trends in the Polish tech industry and current salaries. Don’t miss out on these valuable resources!

[Report] Salaries and Top Trends in the Polish Tech Industry – Q2 2023