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DevOps Engineer Salary – How Much Can You Earn in Poland?

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DevOps – that’s something everyone in software development seems to be talking about. So, what’s all the hype behind it? If you’ve been wondering how to build better software faster, DevOps might be the answer. However, making the transition from traditional processes to a DevOps model is far from easy, and that’s when you need a DevOps engineer!

What does the job of DevOps engineers involve? What skills must they have to carry out their tasks well? And finally, what’s the DevOps engineer salary in Poland depending on your work experience, form of employment, and place of work? Read on to find out.

DevOps – what is it all about? 

Once separate disciplines, software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops) have been brought together into one continuous process, giving rise to what we refer to today as DevOps. At its heart, DevOps combines practices, tools, and a cultural philosophy designed to develop and deliver software with greater efficiency, speed, and security compared to traditional processes. When implemented correctly, DevOps enables organizations to serve their customers better and outpace their competitors in the market. 

So, how does it actually work?

In simple terms, DevOps is all about unifying the processes and getting people to work together. Gone are the days when development and operations teams were “siloed.” Now, more and more companies have decided to remove the barriers between these teams for good. By doing so, a new collaborative environment comes to life where engineers can join hands throughout the entire software application lifecycle. And that includes development, testing, deployment, and operations.

The whole point of moving towards DevOps is to shorten the software development lifecycle without sacrificing quality. At this point, you might be wondering: all right, but how to achieve it all? The key to success is to release software frequently in small batches while incorporating feedback and improvements as early as possible.

Considering how much value DevOps practices bring to both teams and customers, it’s not surprising that there’s a growing demand for specialists in this field. DevOps engineers held third place in the 2022 ranking for the top three most wanted roles. From May to November 2022, there were around 2000 job openings for DevOps engineers each month.

What do DevOps engineers do?

DevOps engineers act as a bridge connecting various teams and ensuring efficient software deployment. To do it successfully, they need hard skills (such as coding and system administration) as well as soft skills to foster a collaborative environment. 

So, that means any DevOps engineer should have:

  • knowledge of programming languages, continuous integration (CI), and continuous delivery (CD),
  • knowledge of system administration,
  • understanding of Agile methodologies,
  • familiarity with project management tools,
  • knowledge of automation and cybersecurity,
  • skills to design and manage computer ecosystems,
  • IT operation skills,
  • communication and problem-solving skills,
  • teamwork skills.

As for their tasks and responsibilities, they may vary depending on the company, team structures, and tools. As a result, they can have a wide range of tasks to do. However, the majority of DevOps engineers share a few important duties, and these include:

  • managing projects,
  • designing and improving IT infrastructure,
  • managing system security,
  • automating processes,
  • optimizing release cycles,
  • monitoring, tracking errors, and reporting,
  • testing performance and benchmarking,
  • DevOps advocacy.

Well, that’s a lot. Good DevOps engineers need to demonstrate solid knowledge in many areas and a whopping range of skills to carry out all the above-mentioned duties. No wonder they are worth their weight in gold! 

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What is the average salary of DevOps engineers in Poland?

To answer this question well, we’ll rely on the data from our latest report: Tech Market Snapshot 2022 and our Salary Calculator. Since the situation in the job market is continuously changing, we’ll also have a look at the salaries offered at the beginning of 2023. While analyzing the earnings, we’ll take into account three factors: the level of experience, type of contract, and location.

Before we move on to the details, we need to clarify one thing, though – a particular salary given below reflects both the gross income amount that DevOps engineers get when working on a B2B contract and the net income amount in the case of an employment contract, unless stated otherwise.

Junior DevOps engineer salary

Let’s start with those who don’t have much experience yet and have just been taking their first steps towards landing a job as a junior DevOps engineer and see how much they could get in the largest Polish cities in 2022.

  • In Warsaw and Wrocław, junior DevOps engineers could get an average of USD 2700.
  • In Cracow, it was USD 3300.

As for 2023, it started with job ads offering around:

  • USD 2200 gross in the case of an employment contract/USD 2000 net on B2B in Warsaw.
  • USD 2800 gross with an employment contract/USD 2600 net with B2B cooperation in Cracow and Wrocław.
  • USD 1800 gross with a contract of employment/USD 1700 net on B2B in Poznań.

Mid DevOps engineer salary

In the case of engineers with more experience, they could expect considerably higher salaries. Here’s what the numbers say:

  • In Warsaw, mid DevOps engineers could expect an average of USD 5000.
  • In Cracow, it was USD 4800.
  • In Wrocław, it was USD 5300.

When we analyze the latest jobs that appeared at the beginning of 2023, mid DevOps engineers can expect the following:

  • USD 3400 gross with an employment contract/USD 4100 net with a B2B contract in Warsaw, Cracow, and Wrocław.
  • USD 3100 gross with a contract of employment/USD 3700 net on B2B in Poznań.

What’s more, 2023 kicked off with around 100 job postings for mid DevOps engineers, whereas, in the case of junior engineers, there were only around 10.

Senior DevOps engineer salary

Now, let’s take a look at the average salary for senior DevOps engineers in 2022.

  • In Warsaw, Cracow, and Wrocław, senior DevOps engineers could expect an average of USD 6800.

The latest job ads in 2023 offer:

  • USD gross with an employment contract/USD net with a B2B contract in Warsaw, Cracow, and Wrocław.
  • USD gross with a contract of employment/USD net on B2B in Poznań.

As for the number of jobs, it’s similar to that for mid DevOps engineers, maybe except for Warsaw, where 150 jobs have been posted so far.

What does the future hold for DevOps engineers?

Working as a DevOps engineer is no easy feat. And becoming one doesn’t seem to be any easier. Why? Mostly because the role of a DevOps engineer is not like any other – a DevOps engineer must have a blend of hard (technical) and soft (interpersonal and management) skills. 

That’s why it might be challenging for those without much experience to land a job as a DevOps engineer. The situation for those more experienced ones, on the other hand, looks quite the opposite – there are plenty of well-paid jobs for mid or senior DevOps engineers. And with so many leading companies willing to adopt DevOps culture, there will be even more need for specialists with solid experience and knowledge. Therefore, DevOps is undoubtedly a good direction to take in the upcoming future.

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