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Java Developers in Poland: Pay Rates and Key Insights

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Are you searching for top Java Developers to join your company? If the answer is yes, keep reading to learn about the key insights and the current pay rates for Java Developers in Poland. Discover how competitive compensation can attract skilled professionals to your company and enhance your hiring strategy in the Polish tech market.

Java – why is it so popular?

Despite being nearly 30 years old, Java is still going strong. In fact, according to the TIOBE index, it’s one of the most popular programming languages ever created. Today, it holds the 4th place in the ranking.

What makes it so special?

Unlike any other programming language, Java is a jack of all trades – it’s flexible, reliable, and secure. It’s an open-source, object-oriented language and software platform already running on more than 13 billion devices.

Since it has been around for so long, a lot of tech and non-tech giants like Google, Amazon, Netflix, and Spotify are built using this language. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Java Developers are still much needed and will remain so in the future.

When Java Developers are needed and where to find them

Your company might need their skills and expertise in:

  • web-based apps and video games, 
  • the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data projects, 
  • desktop and mobile applications. 

So, if you’re looking for these specialists… It’s good news because there are a lot of highly-skilled Java Developers in Poland, waiting for career opportunities.

At, we have a curated talent pool of 25,000 skilled tech candidates . Additionally, our internal team verifies and whitelists all candidates before they can apply through (each one has to have minimum two years of commercial experience or a technical university degree).

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Java Developers in Poland – important facts

To get the big picture of the Java Developer landscape in Poland, let’s explore some key facts that you might find helpful.

Firstly, Poland currently boasts a community of 90,000 Java Developers, and the major IT hubs in Poland are home to a significant number of these professionals:

Java Developers in Poland- the number of java developers in Poland
  • Warsaw: 24,000
  • Cracow: 14,900
  • Wrocław: 11,800
  • Tri-city: 7,500
  • Katowice: 7,000
  • Poznań: 6,400
  • Łódź: 4,400
Java Developers in Poland-  Polish Java developers are the best in the world

Secondly, based on the report by HackerRank, Polish Java Developers are the best in the world. That’s right, you read it right – they’re the champions of Java programming. 

Thirdly, our developers rank among the top three most talented developers globally, just after Chinese and Russian developers.

Java Developer salary: the USA vs. Poland

Now that we’ve covered all the essential info about Java Developers in Poland, it’s time to talk numbers!

Java Developers in Poland -  java developer salary in the USA vs. Poland

In the USA, a Java Developer’s average annual salary hits $104,934, and some developers can even make as much as $158,632 (according to Indeed). Meanwhile, in Poland, that’s $53,605 on average. 

However, it’s important to highlight that pay rates in Poland vary significantly, depending on factors like experience, type of contract, and location. In the area of major IT hubs, such as Warsaw and Cracow, Polish developers are offered higher salaries compared to other regions.

Take a look at the table below to check average salaries of Java Developers in Warsaw, Cracow, and Wrocław, considering different levels of seniority and contract types (based on the data from March to June 2023): 







B2B: USD 2,200
UoP: USD 1,680 

B2B: USD 4,120
UoP: USD 3,530

B2B: USD 4,930
UoP: USD 4,200


B2B: USD 2,270
UoP: USD 1,550

B2B: USD 3,540
UoP: USD 3,580

B2B: USD 4,630
UoP: USD 3,900


B2B: USD 2,270
UoP: USD     –   

B2B: USD 3,900
UoP: USD 3,580

B2B: USD 4,900
UoP: USD 3,900

*B2B: net/month, UoP (employment contract): gross/month 

Are you interested in how much these specialists could earn in other cities in Poland?

Well, all you need to do is to head over to our Salary Calculator, where you can check the latest salaries based on:

  • job title,
  • technology,
  • experience,
  • location.

Keep in mind that our salary information is regularly updated to provide you with accurate and current data.

How to recruit Java Developers?

It depends on whether you are looking to hire for a junior Java Developer role or a more experienced position, and whether you need a Java architect, a developer for Java-based web applications, network or distributed systems, or someone to work on UI. Each of these roles requires a different set of skills and knowledge that must be assessed at the beginning of the recruitment process.

However, apart from assessing Java-specific knowledge and skills, recruiting Java Developers doesn’t differ much from hiring other developers. So, if you’re interested in effective IT recruitment strategies or why it’s a good move to hire Polish IT specialists, check out other articles:


If you’re in search of talented Java Developers for your company, Poland has a thriving community of skilled professionals ready to contribute to your projects. With competitive pay rates and a large talent pool, hiring Java Developers in Poland can greatly enhance your team. Feel free to contact us to explore the possibilities and find the perfect fit for your organization.