Employer’s Profile – advice, tips and examples

It is possible to edit an employer’s profile by going to the “Company’s profile” tab in the menu on the left-hand side.

Now we are moving on to the editor:

1. Cover photo

Here you can upload a picture promoting your company or brand.

2. A short description of the company and the selection of the industry

Write a few sentences about your core business and the industry in which you operate.

3. Links to social media and the company’s website, the size of the company and the year of its establishment

Here you can upload links to your company’s social media channels (such as: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter) and a link to your company’s website. Additionally, provide information on your current headcount and the year of your company’s establishment.

4. How you work and the projects that you are working on

Here you can add the following:

  • A short description of how you work
  • Information about your projects: what projects you are working on, at what stage they are, what their time frame is, what technological stack you are using, your team, etc.

5. The team

In this section you can show your candidates who they are going to work with and from whom they will learn. By default, you can add the IT team, but also from other categories, namely: Marketing, Design, Sales, Finance, Back Office, HR, Legal, Customer Support, Engineering, Logistics, Precurement / Purchasing.

6. Mission and values

Write about your values, publish your mission statement, write what differentiates you from the competition, and argue why the candidate should choose your company over others.

7. Benefits

Exchange of knowledge, an opportunity to be mentored by experienced developers, trainings, or maybe opportunities to participate in conferences or meetups? What, besides money, can a candidate get from working with your company?

Name all the benefits that you offer to candidates.

8. Pictures and videos gallery

Add a few pictures and/or videos presenting your office, teams of employees, team-bonding events or important events from your company’s life.

9. List of offices

Add accurate addresses of the offices to which you are recruiting.

10. Stages of the recruitment process and the recruitment team

Write a few words about each stage of the recruitment process (both IT and NON-IT) and present your recruitment team.

11. Salary

Here you are supposed to define salary ranges in your company. Define the salary ranges on particular positions or the system of bonuses available in your company. You can also compare employees’ salaries in the context of their skills.

12. Recommendations from your employees

Post your employees’ opinions of you as an employer, thus winning the trust of candidates.

Remember to save you Employer’s Profile as a draft, whenever you make changes. You can come back to the editor any time you want. When you are done editing your profile, you can go on to publish it.

In the next step your assistant appointed by inhire will verify the information you have provided and suggest changes, if necessary. Once the profile has been accepted and verified by inhire, it will be posted on the platform.