[GDPR] How and what information about the processing of personal data should be set in the employer’s account?

Setting an appropriate information about the processing of personal data by your organization is only possible from the administrator account level.

What is this information for and what should it contain?

1. The information you include in your account will be automatically added and visible in each job advertisement (it will appear at the end of it). Thanks to this, as an organization you fulfill your information obligation towards candidates by informing them who will be the administrator of their personal data sent as a part of their participation in the recruitment process.

2. Each time, before completing the application, the candidate will be obliged to confirm that he has read the information clause, agrees to the provisions contained therein and consents to the processing of their personal data by your company:

Content information: “By clicking the “Yes, Apply” button, I hereby give consent for my personal data included in my application to be processed by [company name] for the purposes of the recruitment process, and also confirm that I agree to the privacy policy below:” appears automatically if information about the data administrator has been added by you – regardless of its content.

3. Thanks to the fulfillment of the information obligation and the confirmation provided by the candidate during the application, you can download candidates’ profiles/CVs and place them in your ATS without the need to confirm or collect additional consents from candidates.

How to set information about the Data Administrator in the account?

1. In Settings you will find the “GDPR Consents” tab.

You can get to Settings in two ways:

  • From the menu on the left or in the upper right corner after clicking on your E-mail address assigned to your account):

2. After entering Settings, find the tab called “GDPR Consents”:

3. The content you want to display under job ads and when candidates accept applying for the offer should be entered in the text editor that appears on the screen. 

You can edit the information content as you wish. If you want to post a link to your website’s privacy policy or additional information regarding data processing, they can also be placed in this window:

4. After entering the data, save the changes.

5. The content is universal and will appear in every job ad you publish. You can edit the content at any time by proceeding as above.

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