How to integrate inhire with SmartRecruiters

Integrating SmartRecruiters with enables you to get candidates sourced on the platform into your SmartRecruiters ATS instance.

This integration also allows for the synchronization of candidate stages; any changes made to candidate stages in SmartRecruiters will be reflected for the corresponding candidates on the platform.

In this article, you’ll find out how to:

  • Set up the integration of with SmartRecruiters
  • Synchronize candidate stages
  • Link recruitment process with the SmartRecruiters recruitment process
  • Seek additional help

Set up the integration with SmartRecruiters

1.  Log in to your account as an admin and navigate to Settings.

ATS integrations with recruitment platform

2. Next, choose “Integrations” and select “SmartRecruiters” by clicking the corresponding button:

3. Click the “TURN ON THE SYNCHRONIZATION” button:

4. Log in with your SmartRecruiters credentials:

5. Review the requested access permissions. Then, click “ALLOW ACCESS” to be redirected to the platform.

6. Change the Consent template if needed:

Synchronization of candidate stages

You can use this option to enable the synchronization of candidate stages on SmartRecruiters with corresponding candidates on

1. To turn on the synchronization of stages, click the button:

2. As a result, all stages defined by your company in SmartRecruiters will be downloaded.

Next, assign each stage from SmartRecruiters to its corresponding stage on the platform. Ensure that all stages are assigned before saving.

Currently, stage synchronization occurs once daily, around 5:00 PM CET.

Important: The mapping of candidate stages is only applicable to applications submitted by candidates after the synchronization feature has been implemented.

Note that application stages received prior to the implementation of this functionality will not be synchronized.

Link Recruitment process with the SmartRecruiters Recruitment Process 

It’s now time to link your recruitment process on the platform with the corresponding process in your SmartRecruiters ATS.

For example, if you wish to have candidates applying for the “Senior ML Engineer” position on automatically sent via API to the “Machine Learning Engineer” recruitment process in SmartRecruiters:

Senior ML Engineer (inhire) -> Machine Learning Engineer (SmartRecruiters)

1. Navigate to the “Processes” section on, click the three vertical dots button, and select the “Edit” option from the dropdown menu:

2. Scroll down and enable the option: Integrate with ATS (SmartRecruiters):

3. After clicking on the list, choose the corresponding recruitment process retrieved from your SmartRecruiters instance.

4. To test the integration, click on “TEST INTEGRATION” (1). This action will cause to insert a test candidate into your SmartRecruiters recruitment process (2). Afterward, click on “PROCESS CUSTOMIZATION”.


  • Click Process Preview button.
  • Click Save to save your integration in the database.

Important: Keep in mind that you need to repeat this procedure for all the processes you would like to bind.

Additional help

Please contact [email protected] or your inhire Customer Success Manager for troubleshooting assistance regarding this integration.